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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tokyo Secret Hanjyuku Cheese Tart @ IPC [Unbiased Opinion]

Is it worth buying to try or not? Some people should just CALM their tits when it comes to food comparison. As a person that's been to Japan and adore that country to bits, let's just say whatever that comes here from there tends to be slightly compromised whether in terms of taste or ingredients (those freshly made from a scratch) so if you want AUTHENTIC tasting ones, please do yourself a favor and fly to Japan okay?
If not, just be happy that the food is coming to you instead of you having to fork out RM1.2k for your flight to Japan ;-)

Yea, prices might be slightly steep to some but if you were to convert it from Japanese Yen (‎¥), it's roughly about the same price anyway just like that famous Chateraise cake store from KLCC which also recently expanded their shop to 1Utama (yay for PJ people) who charges about RM15 per slice of cake. 
Those of you complaining it's "expensive", let me clear things up here. Even your typical local made "hipster" cakes cost just as much as an imported one, so might as well pay the money to enjoy a slice of Japan's heavenly cakes instead of comparing costs.
Heck even your cup of Starbucks costs more than these delicious babies, or some might say that secret recipe charges about RM9-10 for "meh" tasting pre-thawed ready made cakes (yes, for some of you who are unaware, but if you do & don't mind then just ignore this info) might as well pay abit more for freshly flown Japan cakes right? After all you are paying for "quality".

Some of you might compare these tarts to "Hong Kong" style ones or Pablo (back in Japan), to be really honest each of them has their own unique selling points whether it's the special ingredients, the brand, technique or whatever la. If everyone of them is the same tasting then what's the point of opening so many cheese tart outlets with different names right?
Pablo and Hanjyuku cheese tart is 2 different things, both might have a similar "molten" outlook but trust me, taste might be slight different as well as their pastry bottoms. I heard Pablo is opening in Singapore, but that might taste different from the one in Japan too as you have to understand sometimes that some "necessary" tweaking is needed to suit the local's taste buds. Probably your Japanese friend could tell the difference so why not ask for THEIR opinions instead of asking a local lol.

One tray at the time makes service EXTRA slow, my advice if you are in a hurry to bag'em up and go please don't take the risk and disappoint yourself as you might have to wait either in a long queue or wait for a new batch to come out because previous batch finished. I understand that Tokyo Secret is doing this to maintain the quality & consistency of their tarts but they really need to get more ovens to bake a few individual trays at a time to cater to the crowd's demands or else they'll loose the customer's interests from being constantly disappointed from having to wait 10-20 minutes for the next batch :-/

So you guys got my drift yet, stop comparing/ complaining and just enjoy your food okay?
Even my lil parasite inside me isn't too fussy about food unless it's unhealthy like KFC or McD, other than that it enjoys having simple good food and occasional Japanese treats like Sushi, desserts & snacks.
Morning sickness has lessen tremendously (thank goodness!) after 2 months of hell, at least now i can eat normally without feeling like throwing up (which i actually do) every 5 minutes of putting something into my mouth. Ugh, really feel so bad for all mothers out there who has to go through this period during their pregnancy. Some might not even get it (lucky them), normal ones last through the first trimester meanwhile severe cases for full 9 months (yes there is such thing). So i'm guessing i am pretty lucky to be normal? The exercises does help, also to feel less guilty since i am back to eating 2000 calories a day instead of my usual 1500 calories lol. Slowly need to increase the amount of workout days to 2-3 times a week at least instead of just once a week after slacking for 2 months + thanks to the nausea. 
For those who don't know i am expecting, feel free to read about my post here :)

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Tokyo Secret's Hanjyuku Cheese Tart [RM7.90 each]

Okay back to the cheese tart, the reason why i put the "unbiased" title on top it's because first of all this is not a sponsored post by any client and i ain't no food blogger (aka foodie) or certified food critic to give any professional opinions about food. HOWEVER, as a normal citizen i believe that most of you can relate to, i do hope this opinion of mine can help ease the tension of deciding which cheese tart you should get. 
I have yet to try the one in Empire shopping gallery, think that's called "Hokkaido Cheesetart" which doesn't look too appealing in photos thanks to it's typical thick crust we commonly see in our commercial egg tarts  (not the Portuguese ones). But for Tokyo Secret Hanjyuku Cheese Tart it's crust is a perfect combo of a crumbly & not too flaky one with a "just nice" molten cheese topping that looks firm on top but it's melted inside and it oozes out upon first bite.

Freshly baked ones looks like this upon biting

Caution: can be quite addictive as it isn't too overwhelming in taste (in my opinion la) but trust me, one piece is enough to make you feel stuffed & guilty before thinking of going for 2nd helping lol.

Honestly i do find these pleasant to the taste buds for someone like me who is super duper fussy about her cheese & milk based food due to severe lactose intolerant problems. 
Yep, it's suicide mission every single time i eat something that's richly milk based but if it's fresh & good the effects of "laou-sai"* isn't too bad. It would be worth the trip to the bathroom lol wtf. Sorry guys for being too gross in a food post but i felt it's a necessary information to share for other lactose intolerant people out there XD
So for those who are expecting super duper "CHEESY" egg tarts, sorry to disappoint you but i can direct you to the nearest pizza parlor to get your cheese fix instead. These Hanjyuku cheese-tarts are a perfect ratio (1:1) of milk & cheese (in my books) so you don't feel "jelak"** from it being too milky or too cheesy.

** feel like puking/ grossed out

First tried them during their opening promo of buy 1-free-1, yep i queued like an idiot just for that but it was kinda worth it especially when you finally get to sink your teeth into one of those "over hyped social media" food that was actually decent tasting instead of going just "meh" unlike the salted egg yolk craze which i STILL don't get till this very day. Maybe because i never liked the sound nor the looks of it to even find the taste acceptable to my tongue palate lol.
One thing i did learn about these egg tarts are eat them FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN hot.
That's when you get the molten milky cheese oozing out of your tarts rather than bringing them home to find the insides being "firm" after cooling down.
Also it doesn't tastes as good as a piping hot tart, there's a cafe table & chairs for you to sit down inside to catch a quick 5 minute bite before heading off.

Cheapskate me lol.

So far I've been there to eat their tarts about 3-4 times already (all in different separate occasions) but one thing for sure that is their taste consistency is there. Just the "cold" & "hot" tarts is a hit & miss problem as during slow traffic days their normal batch doesn't go as quick so it just sits there and cool down :( But on heavy traffic days like weekends, you are sure to get fresh ones as each batch moves quite fast before it even reaches your turn, you'll be waiting again for the next one.
They should have a mini oven to heat it up again when that happens especially for those dining there.

Cooled down ones tastes "okay" so eat them while their hot!

Tokyo Secret's SOFT SERVE [RM9 each]

Something to look into is also their soft serves which isn't too overwhelming and sweet in taste, tried both their Hokkaido Milk & Match flavor so far and i'm actually loving them both. Hopefully one day they'll allow the option of having both flavors mixed together :D
Please do consider that suggestion Tokyo Secret! Gives customers a chance to enjoy both flavors at once, i am sure it would be quite a heavenly combination too.
The Hokkaido milk soft serve (again) isn't too milky or too sweet like some that i've tried before locally & in Japan. It's quite light in taste so you won't feel it's too heavy for your taste buds and heck i didn't even have a toilet attack after consuming this which is a GOOD THING, because it reminds me of the one i had back in Chiba, Japan last year during my Chiba Monitor Tour but that gave me a tummy ache lol.

Each soft serve comes with some crumbly biscuit flakes that gives a nice texture to the smooth soft serve and a side choice of dango, chestnut, rose syrup, yam or sweet potato to choose from.

Their Matcha mixture is also just nice, not too much matcha till you feel "bleh" after finishing a whole cup to yourself. I know some people like some "omph" in their match flavored food but i prefer to enjoy them in perfect portions to not kill my love for it. Imagine having too much matcha till you don't even want to see it again :(
Think i would die if that were to happen to me *sobs* because matcha is my life!
Did i forget to mention that it ISN'T TOO SWEET? There barely any sugar taste in it which is kinda surprising as most matcha food based products gets it's taste from obviously sugar since matcha itself is kinda tasteless.

Thank you Jean for the birthday treat!

Haven't gotten around trying their crazy big molten soft serves as the prices are double (ouch) but i am thinking their portions are about double the size too means i need a kaki to share it with to split the calorie guilt and cost lol wtf.
Hopefully i'll get to try that the next round and i'll update this post to include it in.
So that's all i have to say about Tokyo Secret Hanjyuku cheese tart and i do hope it's helpful (at the very least) from a lactose intolerant perspective & of course from someone who has been to Japan and tried out their desserts over there :-P

Lastly let me make this clear, i am neither against nor siding Tokyo Secret but my love for Japan and their pastries that's all lol. So if you think my review and opinions are invalid, then kindly close this post and move on with life without being so bitter over something small as this.
No point getting pissed and risking yourself of getting more wrinkles especially if you feel it isn't worth it in the first place. Try once for "trying" sake la, at least you'll know what it's like to have a similar taste of Japan :)

More details just head over to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tokyosecretmalaysia


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