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TEASER | Realash Eyelash Enhancer- 30 days Challenge

What can be more exciting than to received a box containing your eyelashes's hope of salvation? I know there are so many eyelash solution alternatives out there like getting extensions or implants for those who can afford them because maintaining them monthly can also be quite costly when you add up your other beauty maintenance comes into the picture like your hair, nails, cosmetics, hair removal, etc. See how it all adds up? Sounds like a hefty sum of monthly installments just to keep ourselves well groomed :-/

But what if there was a solution to cut down all these unnecessary visits, like investing in a good and reputable eyelash enhancing serum for natural & permanent growth rather than extensions that will fall out every end of the month.
Would pick this option any day because at least i know my lashes are real and not fakes lol, i prefer things natural as possible but that doesn't mean i might not opt for cesarean if things get complicated lol wtf :P

Last time i tried this amazing eyelash enhancing serum, it actually showed results within a month of discipline usage (every night), You guys can check out my previous review HERE.
But what i heard from a friend who's beautician who does her extensions mentioned that serums are no doubt effective but only if the user is diligent enough to use it religiously both morning and night over the next few months of proper satisfying results.
That makes sense, rather than just applying at night lol, but during the day my lashes is constantly coated with mascara so i wonder will it work if i use the serum as a "base coat" before applying my mascara? Lol.

The left is the new packaging, the right is the old one from 2 years back. Don't ask me how or why i still keep the empty bottle lol.

How time flies since Realash came to Malaysia, it's originated from France by the way! But this time it's different as it is not only in a new attractive, sleek packaging but also an improved formulation from their previous eyelash enhancer. Imagine when it's already so effective it makes you wonder how much more "effective" can it be lol, so i guess i am here to put it into a 1 month test period. Hope this doesn't disappoint me because i already love their previous one very much and used it till the very last drop!
If you noticed on my "Popular Posts" Unboxing Realash is still one of the top most read post in my entire blog to date lol, no idea why but i am glad it made into Google Search engines.
Hope this new review will break my usual blog view count too haha!

Realash is a reputable & trusted brand whom specializes in eyelash & eyebrow growth, their products have been proven effective worldwide by their users, so it is indeed a promising product that shouldn't be dismissed by beauty bloggers like me who are always on a lookout for good share worthy products like these. For those who are concern whether it's being tested on animals, i can assure you that it's an animal-cruelty free brand.

What's so special about their new improved formula? 
Apparently it's much more gentle to the eyes as it doesn't irritate upon application, even suitable for sensitive skin people with stronger growing effect too.

See the animal free logo at the back?

Not forgetting their eyebrow enhancer which i find kind of amusing as i never really had complaints about my lashes since i prefer to draw them on lol but for some people who barely have any eyebrows (especially Chinese unfortunately lol) i guess this would be a good product for you to try out! I remember having really bushy eyebrows back as a kid and when i started modelling, it barely grew back (looks really sparse & pathetic) from the constant shaving by make up artists :-/
Well, guess this is another opportunity to give my eyebrows a new life it deserves and who knows i might actually get nice bushy thick eyebrows like Lily Collins lol!

Can't wait to try'em out for a month & see the results!

Comes with a small brush wand that's easy to apply on your lash line.
I would show my empty brows in this photo but it looks so funny, so NOPE!

For those interested to purchase your very own eyelash & eyebrow enhancer kit, feel free to get them from their official website: http://realash.my/
Don't forget to follow them on Facebook too for daily updates or any upcoming promotional announcements: Realash Malaysia

CAUTION: Buy only originals as you wouldn't want risking your eyes with fake serums. remember as you only have a pair of eyes that doesn't grow back like your skin!


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