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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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A Date with Beauty Guide

With my fav girls! Jean, Tammy (Founder of Butterfly project Malaysia) & Reiko.

Really missing this day very much, all full girls day outing filled with nothing but fun and pampering activities thanks to Beauty Guide. and The Butterfly project for this awesome collaboration.
This is my first time hearing about Beauty Guide, apparently they are your one stop website to find all your pampering needs, sounds savy no?
No hassle to go through reviews on google one by one (which is troublesome & sources can be quite unreliable) for a certain beauty place you plan to visit on your next pampering session.

Now that i know there is such a reliable source like Beauty Guide, i am here to share with you girls about it and how it functions, as they say all good things are meant to be shared right? ;-)
Launched in 2014, Beauty guide is your no.1 E-directory and E-magazine in Malaysia that connects  locals, expatriates and tourists to the best pampering spots by giving you access to shop listings, informations, locations, pricing and promotions that covers all your aesthetics & wellness needs within the touch of your fingers.

You can also rate and contribute your experience in spas/ saloons via Beauty Guide's review system which also makes it easier for you to share with your friends, family and other wellness enthusiast out there.

If you are looking for advices on your very first wellness experience, don't forget to subscribe to their beauty blog that gives you useful tips & tricks contributed by local beauty experts! 
We all have to start from somewhere no?
Also who doesn't love promotions that saves us the extra $$, keep up to date with Beauty Guide's special section that updates the latest exclusive treatments at discounted rates.

Okay, i've shared about what is Beauty Guide 101 all about, now to share about my wellness experience journey i had last weekend with Beauty Guide & The Butterfly Project which i have so much to write about but i'll keep it short and sweet, to not to bore your guys with such lengthy post of mine lol.
When you mention about all these wellness stuff like spas/ manicure & pedicure/ massages and etc, i am pretty much a noob about it because i always find it troublesome to find a reliable and good place to get any of those done. Seriously, you walk anywhere you are bound to see many beauty & wellness centres but how many of them even provide you with proper services?
Example my first Brazillian wax bought from Groupon back in 2012, back then there was hardly any review sites on all these kind of atheistic & wellness topics so i couldn't google about the shop, but when ahead to purchase it anyway as it was cheap (RM20 only) but that was my biggest regret ever. Ended up in a dodgy looking saloon (super dim) and a very bad waxing service that damaged the hair down my south :-/

So now to save you guys the bad experience i had back then, just use beauty guide to do your research lol.
Click here to search: http://beautyguide.com.my/

 Speaking of wax services, i am pretty sure all of you have heard of STRIP, Ministry of Waxing which is quite renown in the wellness industry for their impeccable hair removal services. Also how can you miss their "Orang Utan" logo outside their saloon lol, makes me wonder how does an Orang Utan really look like without all those hair lol (please don't report me for animal cruelty lol).
They have really expanded since their first shop in Sunway Pyramid (the first to offer Brazilian wax) and now they area at Bangsar, The Curve, Solaris, KLCC, Mid Valley and even Gurney Paragon in Penang.
I am pretty hairless (fine hair type) to be honest on areas like my arms/ legs & pits that is why when they suggested for me to wax half arm, i went "what?? Need meh?" lol. But after going through that session my arm does look lighter and feels more smoother- like baby's butt. Okay, so when next time experts suggest something, don't question them and just do it lol.

Followed by a full body massage at Mandara Spa in Sunway Pyramid Hotel Resort which i was looking forward to as we woke up so darn early to gather for this outing lol.
Imagine that 1 hour massage just knocked me out to the point i dropped my phone while trying to update my instagram AHAHA~
Sorry my baby HTC Desire EYE & Steven XD!

Don't expect the same "kao kao" massage you get from Thailand ya, Mandara spa has their own kind of massage techniques but i felt they toss me around too much macam pancake -_-lll
Didn't really feel the "omph" from this session as i was hoping to since my muscles are all sore & tense from the half year worth of accidents but nonetheless the ambiance was calming & enjoyable.
Also managed to get a peppermint 100% pure essential oil from their promotion section for only RM15 which makes up for the less "omph" massage i had earlier :P
For those who just wants a relaxing gentle massage, you would find this place according to your liking :) 

After not eating since 9am (had only orange juice for brekkie) and the other girls were famished too after our spa session, we finally headed by WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre with our comfy Uber Black, gosh...never felt like a princess woi~
I usually take UberX, as it is within my budget but honestly everyone should at least try Uber Black once to experience the PROPER ways of an Uber service, trust me. It's hard not to go back for more.

Many of you also know that i commute around time to time with UberX which is rather convenient compared to relying on normal taxis and i have been using their service for over a year to even willing to vouch for Uber that they are not a scam or anything. I have my debit card linked to my Uber account, and i closely monitor my account every week/month. There is no additional charges except the rides you have taken, and even if you do experience a glitch all you have to do is contact their support team via email and problems will be resolved by 24 hours.

Arrived at BSC with class thanks to Uber Black and feeling super duper refreshed from the power nap we had at Mandara spa, can this day get any better?
Yes it can with FOOD. 
3 course meal experience with WIP (from Work in Progress to Whipped Into Place) 

Here is the breakdown of the menu served, though we might be just girls do not underestimate our appetite lol. Well it's real food, not processed junk so that's a good thing for those watching their weights. WIP serves food that is suitable for people who want to eat out at the same time maintaining their "clean diet" like me :D
Peaceful ambiance, good food and most of all it caters to your every needs like private event hosting, various cuisines from Local, Western to Northern India and also have a large variety of interesting

I've never been a fan of medium rare steaks as i usually have them well done (scared of the blood) but after having the one served during our main course, i totally changed my mind about medium rare steaks. This was grilled to perfection, the meat was fresh & succulent accompanied with a side of grilled vegetables. One piece is seriously not enough man lol, craving for meats now.

As for their Greek Berry Salad, was another unique mixture that tests your tastebuds. Never knew how well strawberries/ berries in general goes very well with feta (goat's cheese) & olives.
Plus the dressing is also lowfat, not your usual creamy fattening dressings that comes with the salads, very refreshing indeed.


Bacalhau De Abras
Creamy Portuguese Salt Cod Fish with sweet potato chips

School Prawn
Crispy Prawn, served with chili mayo & lemon

Greek berry Salad
Berry Trio, Red Radish, Olives, Crispy Romaine, Feta Cheese served with honey lemon vinaigrette

Main Courses

Triple Trio Supreme
Chicken Sausage, Chicken Ham, grilled chicken, onion ring, cocktail onion, onion marmalade, mozzarella cheddar & emmental cheese (basically pizza lol)

Beef Espatada
Sirloin chunks marinated with garlic & traditional herbs

Chicken Espatada
Chicken breast & chicken thigh chunks marinated with jerk spices

XO Fried Rice
Supreme dried seafood, crab meat, kale, mango sauce & crispy fish skewer

Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

The food is just heavenly especially their dessert Tiramisu and if you are looking for an original this is the closes you'll get in KL. Seriously i couldn't stop nomming on them >w<
Will def' swing by WIP for a slice (or maybe 2 :P) of their Tiramisu when im near BSC next time. who else wants to join me someday? :D
Pricing for a slice is about RM13+ if i am not mistaken, slice is big enough for 2 people apparently.
Also the Brownie is very strong & gooey, plus it is super duper sweet but the sweetness is balanced out with a scoop of delicious Haagen Dazs ice cream (either chocolate or vanilla). If you love your brownies chewy, then you might like the ones in WIP.

Beauty day outing calls for a detox drink!

My last stop of the day after being stuffed with lots of good food was Apronbay to get an express pedicure done.
Apronbay's interior looks exactly like an aeroplane cabin and each of their treatment rooms represents different famous country's destinations which is a unique concept.  Located opposite Bangsar Village, along the row of shop lots, Apronbay has been operating for quite some time providing quality wellness treatments such as waxing, massages, manicures & pedicures.
So if you are looking for a quick beauty prep for your nails, you can head on over to apronbay to get them done in less than 15 minutes!

Spacious & comfy seats, feels like a first class treatment indeed.
So book your "boarding passes" with ApronBay today~

For more details on the services provided head over to their website: www.apronbay.com
Address: 6-1, 1st Floor,
               Jalan Telawi 4,
               Bangsar Baru, 59100,
               Kuala Lumpur.

Compulsory upshot of our toes after a pedicure lol #typical

Overall, i had a pleasant day of a full body pampering and got to explore new places that i have never been before if it weren't for beauty guide being LITERALLY my guide for the day :-P
Looking forward to discover more places like these near future and i can rely on my beauty guide account to bring me places.
So what are you waiting for girls? If you have a good place to recommend, do so on BeautyGuide.com and also stand a chance to win exclusive prizes from their supporting merchants like STRIP, Sothys Paris, UBER & even more.

Email: info@beautyguide.com.my

Thank you Beauty Guide Malaysia!


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