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Launch of Pavilion KL Boutique & La Collection Privee Christian Dior

So happy to be able to attend events by my favourite brands like Dior, never once in my life i would ever thought that i would be invited to attend events by prestigious companies.
Thank you Dior Malaysia for having me over and once again congratulations on your 2nd new boutique in Pavilion KL that was recently launched. Dior is indeed blooming all over Klang Valley and hope to see more of them near future as they are a brand that carries high quality designer products that are just to die for especially their fragrances, but here i am only wishing they have Dior clothing line here too lol.

Yes, finally KL-girls UNITE! Lol, imma "ex" KL-lang, now convert to PJ dy T.T

This boutique in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (Golden Triangle) may not be as big as their flagship store in Starhill or Mid Valley but their contents are no lesser than the rest. So you can still find all our Dior needs if you happen/ stay in KL.
Also the location is super strategic, i can easily access pavilion via a free shuttle bus from Pasar Seni, Monorail to Bkt bintang station or even walk there from KLCC.
Not to mention why i love hanging around pavilion because fashionistas like me feel so at home over there with all the fashion brands surrounding us & people around the area won't judge us how we dress compared to other malls in Klang Valley.

It's like a home to all Fashion lovers yo~ seriously try searching #OOTD posts in KL, most of them confirm feature pavilion background punya lol.

This special launch was for their new fragrance collection called La Collection Privee Christian Dior which is a special concoction range of hand crafted traditionally fragrances by Dior experts for both men & women for appreciates raw & elegant scents.
Each bottle has its own special & unique blend allowing fragrance lovers to indulge their senses with La Collection Privee Christian Dior's perfumes.

One of their latest blend for the Privee Collection is the Dior Fève Délicieuse literally translates to "Delicious Bean" as it's main ingredient is the Tonkan Bean Absolute followed by Calabrian Bergamot and Madagascar Vanilla.
Giving this blend a calm musky, yet sensual scent which somewhat smells super alluring for both men & women.
What i particularly love about the Fève Délicieuse is the hint of Vanilla as i am a huge fan of vanilla hinted fragrances like my Prada Candy, it doesn't have to be overwhelming just a slight dash of vanilla in any perfume i will definitely consider trying it.
As for this I've yet to try it on my skin during the launch as i was rushing to bangsar area :-(
Should drop by Dior boutiques soon to give this lovely brew a skin test.

You can check out the full list of La Collection Privee from their official website:


"La Collection Privée Christian Dior is a collection of authentic, elegant fragrances for men and women, created using only carefully selected, exceptional raw materials.
Handcrafted in a traditional manner, these fragrances benefit from all of Dior's know-how and expertise."
You can head on over your nearest Dior Boutique to give the La Collection Privee a try , trust me your nose is in for a treat this time as their is just so many to smell :P

Do you know how to choose the right perfume?
Personally i don't lol, i just pick any perfume that reacts well together with my body's own scent & sweat, you guys know right that everyone has their own special "scent" :-P

I may not have much knowledge about fragrances to even write about them, but heck i just like trying out new stuff, so who knows one day i might actually learn how to properly appreciate perfumes (in an 'ATAS' manner lol) XD
For now, it's more of the friends i get to meet during this event *hugs for all you girls* and a wonderful lady i know for this special invitation.  Looking forward to see more lovely collection surprises by Dior being launched here in Malaysia!

Signing out with my gorgeous babes! Though we might not see each other often due to our other life commitments but i am glad we still try to keep in touch in every way possible :)
Still loving the Rouge 999 lipgloss like mad that i am using it almost everyday (‘∀’●)♡


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