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Holika Holika Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream

Putting gold on your face, how many of you can actually say you have lather something this precious & expensive on your face? Lol.
GOLD something all of us wish our bank account is filled with instead of our skin but unfortunately this pot of gold goodness is specially made for your face :P

I do recall seeing many products used in the beauty industry to defy ageing such as caviare, milk, snail slime, bird's nest and even real gold bits! Sounds kinda of drastic if you ask me la, the extend women goes to keeping themselves youthful lol but then again i would never know how it feels like till i reach their age. 

When i was first introduced to this new anti-ageing cream by Holika Holika derived from Chinese emperors best kept youth secrets, the Swallow's bird nest. 
As you know is also one of Chinese main ingredients for their traditional remedies (for the high society).
Those were the beliefs back then but right now with today's technology and research has actually proven about the beliefs of the Swallow's bird nest aids in regenerating skin cells and at the same time prevents pre-mature ageing skin.

But as for the gold it remained a mystery to me, as far as my knowledge goes for GOLD it is a heavy yet soft metal. Known as a transition metal and a group 11 element on the periodic table gosh i feel like a science student back in high school all over again lol (any ways i did sub-science for SPM and my chemistry was the worst *ouch*).

Gold was one of the main selling ingredients in beauty trends that has been trending on top of skin care market for quite some time now as it has its own unique properties and also a long list of benefits that comes along with it.

Top 8 Benefits of Gold for Skin Care
1. Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Spots
2. Stimulates The Skin Cells growth
3. Prevention of Premature Skin Ageing
4. Rejuvenates & Lightens The Complexion
5. Slows down Collagen Depletion
6. Treats Sun Damage
7. Increases Skin Elasticity
8. Glowing Healthy Skin
Gold apparently helps in improving the blood circulation, hence it helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture level. The small particles of gold get absorbed into the skin imparting a rich glow which i can't deny after trying out this face cream lol i have shimmery looking skin every night before bed.

In my personal opinion after trying out this cream for a 1 week +, i would say the texture is super duper RICH as in heavy cream like which wasn't something i like lathering all over my skin as i prefer my skincare products to be lightweight. 
Also because it has high moisturising properties i wouldn't recommend this cream for younger skin (aged 25 & below) as it might clog our already small pores (especially people with sensitive skin) and result of unwanted acne/breakouts. 
More suitable for more matured skin types, but if you do really want to try this Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream i would advice best you to consult with a skincare specialist or the Holika Holika's beauty consultant that can recommend you a better and more suitable product for your skin type :)

P/S: With such a large jar (55ml) it can last you quite come time, worth its price if you are using this everyday both day & night lol.  If you do hit the bottom of the jar, please don't throw it away as Holika Holika practices environmental friendly ways by reusing it. You may get the Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream REFILL for RM530.

Pricing:  RM618 (inclusive of GST)
Refill  : RM530 (inclusive of GST)

Personally i think my mom would love this cream, as she is trying to take care of her skin right now though she is in her mid 50s and it's never too late to start.
Also i came across this post which i found rather useful so i just gonna leave it here, read about common skincare mistakes to get a gist of what you should get for your skin condition: http://theblondeshell.com/2014/06/18/common-skincare-mistakes/

This product is available in Holika Holika outlets all around Malaysia and even their official e-commerce shop on 11street which is having a whopping 20% off right now, get your Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream + Refill pack for only RM491.84 (free postage)
Purchase here: holika-holika-prime-youth-bird-s-nest-gold-leaf-826568

Hiolika Holika @ Sunway Pyramid, Lot No. : LG1.82

If you do have any inquiries about this cream, just drop me a comment below i shall try my best to answer them according to my knowledge of this product :)
And i may be no expert in skincare line but my reviews are usually according to my own personal opinion and i am using OWN skin to try them out so results usually varies from people to people. My skin is quite sensitive and its a combination of dry to oily usually at the T-zone area, so i do hope you guys find this post informative if you do plan on giving the anti-ageing cream a try.



  1. Do you think this cream would be suitable for a person in their early 30s? I turned 30 last November so I'm trying to add more moisturizing and anti-wrinkle products to my skincare routine. Best get them before they start!

    Birds nest products are always something I've wanted to try because of the amazing properties they hold. It's just always been a little high priced. This is more reasonable.

    1. Hi Vonnie,

      Thanks for dropping by :)
      Yes it would be would suitable but remember to go easy to the cream, keep to small amounts (5 dots -forehead, cheeks, nose & chin) and if your skin is the sensitive type i would suggest using them on alternate days instead of everyday to let it get use to the cream gradually.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Wow, this looks and sounds amazing! I would love to try it as it has a load of good benefits!


    1. Thanks for commenting Sarah!
      You should give it a try, apparently Gold is really the "IN" thing among Asian skincare products now :)


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