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[Review] Love Nail - Instant Nail Applique

I always find "trends" a rather queer thing whether it's in beauty or fashion to me it's all the same, they come and go easily but some things do stay. For example nail foils!
Fool proof inventions for lazy people who still want to look beautiful and painting nails is no joke as i find it kinda difficult to paint my nails properly and neatly without causing so much mess.
People might assume i have super 'delicate' hands from the work i do like needlework & art but truth be told, i am the total opposite.

Have you seen me sew or paint? Ganas sial.

That's why i thank god for inventions like these, cheaper alternatives for getting a professional manicure without the hassle of leaving the comforts of your home.
Thank you HiShop.com for having me to review your latest product, that is yet to go up on your website.

The packaging is princess-y, pastel colours and all, originated from Japan (I assumed based from the Japanese instructions found at the back).
With such packaging it makes a really beautiful gift on it's own for a girlfriend, saves on the wrapping paper lol.

It comes with 20 nail stickers (20 "nude" base with 20 coloured tips)

The design i got for review is the French manicure type, so the base is somewhat "clear" and the only coloured part are my tips which really sucks as my fingernails are VERY short, if you do have slightly longer nails then this design would be suitable.

No doubt this nail stickers require ZERO drying time, except the top coat layer which i used Seche Vite which is known for being super fast drying (saloon grade).
It is easy to put on, even without instructions which in the first place wasn't CLEAR at all lel makes it kinda hard to figure out what was going on.
Well, with some common sense even a baby can do this lol. 

Also once opened best use up ALL of it within 2 weeks, not sure why but maybe it will loose it's stickiness once exposed to air.

*Click on photo to Enlarge*

One of the reasons why i DISLIKE doing nail related reviews, my fingers & nails aren't exactly photogenic unlike those hand models out there (born with ugly fingers).
It's dry, rough and just plain unflattering despite how hand hand spas or lotions i used to moisturize my hands. Face the facts, it's a genetic condition, dry skin.
If you mau look a pretty nail art reviews you can drop by my buddy Laura's blog: HERE
Her nails are waaaaaaaaaaaay much nicer to look at compared to mine lolol.

Only downside of this product is, it is made for people who doen't do dishes or basically any house chores. Even after with 2 layers of thick top coats, see what happens the next day.
All of them started sliding off my nails, and i came to a conclusion that these nail stickers are only good if you urgently need to prep your nails for a function and you don't have time to visit a nail saloon, so it is not meant to last that long.

On the bright side i don't need to use nail polish remover at all to remove them! Lol.
It does live some 'sticky' residues upon coming off which can be easily rubbed off with a wet tissue.

"Easy on & Easy off"
Lol that should be their Tagline.

Fore more beauty products feel free to browse through HiShop, your one stop online beauty store that delivers worldwide *.
*T&C applies

Disclaimer: This Review is based on my own personal experience despite it being sponsored by HiShop Malaysia



  1. Hi I am your new reader.I am using this Love nail too, but mine last longer, about 2 weeks..even I wash dishes too. But maybe i seldom to other house chores, ha.
    Thanks for your sharing anyway!

    1. really? i have no idea why mine comes off so easily :(


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