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[Review] ElishaCoy CC cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick

Really like arranging & taking pretty pictures 

Always feel so loved and appreciated when companies do remember me for my works :-)
So glad and honoured to be able to review their newest addition to their make up family, Elishacoy's CC cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick which is currently one of their top best sellers as  the "natural look" is making a great comeback for this summer's beauty trend. Elisacoy originated from Korea, with products specially formulated for Asian skin and weather.

Also CC creams is here to replace all sorts of foundation & bb cream i know as their coverage is getting better and better :D
Even saw ZZ cream advertising in some random Korean beauty site but didn't know about that brand hence i didn't dare to try :P But when the right time & brand comes along with ZZ cream, i'll make sure to share it with you guys k?

On the packaging of Elishacoy's Always Nuddy CC cream it states that is made for skin's complete correction (CC) with whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits, as well containing SPF30 PA++.
For this particular CC cream there is 2 types:

Apparently the Always Perfect CC cream is made for more heavier coverage (like foundation) but with the usual benefits of correcting one's skin.
As for the Always Nuddy CC cream (i am currently reviewing) is made for a more lighter and natural coverage making it suitable for everyday usage.
The texture is smooth and lightweight yet it is enough to cover up my pimple scars and pores without caking up.

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC cream Benefits

  • Brightening
  • Wrinkle Care
  • UV Protection
  • Hydration
  • Texture Perfection
  • Concealer
  • Skintone Correction
  • Primer
  • Long Lasting Seamless Coverage

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC cream comes in white and as you slowly blend it in, it starts to change colour to suit your skin, but honestly i wished they have more shades so that people with darker skin tones can also try this out :) 

Though it might look slightly on the yellow-ish tone on my skin but surprisingly when applied on my face the outcome of the colour was different. I guess that's what makes CC cream special than the rest. By the way, i only used my Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore primer as a base and finished off with my favourite Clear Last Peach John press powder.

I didn't even need my concealer for this which was rather surprising as other CC creams i've used before this as most CC creams out there are designed to correct your skin complexion hence texture is super watery/ thin but not exactly to "cover" your blemishes or scars.

What i really love about this CC cream is how it lasted me for 8 hours including me going for gym (means sweating & all) and when it melts it creates a natural like coating on your skin instead of those patchy stuff that gets really annoying because we can blend them it to make'em disappear.
Overall it melts VERY WELL with my skin, so i would definitely recommend this CC cream if you want to give it a try!
It's waterproof level is also pretty decent (for heavy sweating la), but i am not sure how it's like if you wear this during a swim, maybe i should try that out :-P

My eyeliner may have faded away from the sweating but not my CC cream layer. It also doesn't clog my pores and give me pimples *pops confetti*.

Moving on to their funky coloured Vivid Party Magic Lipstick, how many of you actually came across GREEN coloured lippies? 8D
This is my first as well, never seen such an unusual lippie colour before as the most i've seen produces funky colours but for this is produces a nice sheer pink shade suitable for daily usage.
The texture is light like lip balm but it is actually a lipstick.

Was actually thinking it might give me green lips lol and unfortunately it is not apple scent, sorry ladies :-P  It might be a cute pastel apple green shade but it ain't no green apple.
I believe this Vivid lipstick is somewhat a hybrid of a lip tint + lip balm in a shape of a lipstick lol
The Colour is long lasting (like tints, it stains) so even after removing it with tissue be prepared to see some leftover stains on your lips.

Lol, swatched it on my hand earlier and couldn't remove it with normal wiping so i needed make up remover :-P
But overall it's pretty cool to see how that green transformed into neon pink when it touches my lips, the colour intensity of the lipstick is according to one's body temperature (currently trending in beauty MUST HAVES as well!), so colour may varies from people to people. Had a similar one from my Dior lip balm, remember? ;-)

I did not use any lip balm for my lip base as this lipstick does the trick miraculously. 
Moisturised sheer neon pink lips. Great lippie to complete your look if you are having one of those "dull pale face days".

Simple everyday look, all set to go for meetings & work.

You can easily get Elishacoy CC cream & Vivid party lipstick at a great combo price on Natta Cosme's website. Saves you a ton and makes a super awesome BFF gift for your girlfriends who also love make up as well:-) 
Check out their ongoing Buy 3+ 2 promotion set for RM249http://www.nattacosme.com/ElishaCoy/ElishaCoy-Limited-Promotion-Set

And if you are not aware that Natta Cosme is currently hosting a giveaway for this particular set on their instagram/ facebook. Hurry purchase any item from NattaCosme.com  to be entitled for this giveway, ends on 1st July 2015.

More details Click here: NattaCosmeGiveAway

Instagram: @NattaCosme

Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)



  1. Wow, that cc cream looks amazing! It really makes a big difference! Also would love to try that lipstick style balm :)

    Pop over to my blog and maybe leave a comment :)


  2. does the magic color lipstick glow in the dark?

    1. It only comes in this light pink (green) & darker pink (pink) shade. But both still looks quite pink. How dark are you looking for babe? :)

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