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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Geisha Inspired Look

I am pretty sure y'all would know how a geisha would look like right? I mean how can you not?
Those timeless beauties that are a dying culture in our current society and seriously if i could turn back time  i would have enrolled myself into a Geisha training class. Right now i am too old for their classes..sigh.. the least i could do is just stare at their pretty portraits and imagine how life must have been like for them dedicating their entire life to learn such a beautiful historical art.

Nope we are not going to paint of faces white today.

Been always so fascinated places with rich history & culture especially when it comes to Japan's, so you get it why i am so head over heels on this particular country, it's not the otaku culture i am attracted to ya -_- Just because i watch anime & read manga doesn't mean i am one.
Btw the word "Otaku" is also more like an insult in mainland Japan itself, so mind what you call a person.
Remembered having so many biography books on Geishas during one of my  designing work researches and also encyclopaedias dedicated to Japanese history/ artefacts which i still have till this very day because i love'em all very much.

As you all might have noticed from my instagram postings that i've been experimenting on Holika Holika's products for the past few weeks and so far i am loving them very much which is rare for me to say so as you know i solely swore on Japanese cosmetics only before this lolol.
Guess i was wrong about it ever since this year i started trying out more different brands, also have to personally thank the wonderful Holika Holika team for attending to my beauty needs :')

All time favourite budget friendly Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Base, controls oil & covers pores flawlessly, followed by their best seller Tinted Rouge in RED (lips & cheeks), Single shimmery Eye-shadow and their brand new Crayon eyeshadow Jewel Light Under Eye Maker (Peach).

So today i am gonna share on how i created an inspired look of a Geisha's using some of Holika Holika brand new products & best sellers.
Products are courtesy from Holika Holika Malaysia because they are just awesome that way!
Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to work with your brand once again, hopefully more to come too. Though they might be a Korean brand that doesn't mean i gotta make korean looks right? Lol. Anyway Korean's dewy look & ombre lips are something that is so overrated for someone who is constantly trying to be different :P

It's pretty simple, usable for both normal daily look & cosplay in my opinion. It's just a matter of toning down the colours abit if you find them too much.

For the eyes i used their Crayon eyeshadow 2-way pen in pinkish-red, just drawing a line and blending them in with my fingers, some cosplayers put red eyeshadow beneath eye area for enlarging effect, i would suggest this product :)
It is easy to use, as the tip is small enough to be precise and the only thing i have to inform you guys before hand is go easy on the application & slowly build your way through. If you press too hard (not it won't break) but the colour might end up too much causing your eyes to look like some punched you lolol.

The texture is that thick, causing the colours to be super pigmented once in contact with skin, meanwhile the other end of the pen is a shimmery white crayon pencil that is suitable to lines your lower lash line for a "kawaii" eye effect.

For the inner corners of my crease, i used Holika Holika's jewel Eyeshadow in copper to balance the red out.

Now i understood why this product is a bestseller worldwide, this special tint works as a blusher and for lips! I know this colour might look too red for a blusher, i mean most people would go for a more subtle shade but upon applying 3 dots on my cheekbones and blending them easily with my fingers the outcome was a rosy glow.
The texture isn't sticky (hallelujah!) and doesn't stain your fingers at all, the residue on your fingers can be easily wiped off with a tissue (dry or wet).  

For my lips i just coated the top layer only, the bottom part of my lips is caused naturally when i closed them.
Unlike most tints i've worked with that come across as a real bitch to remove (staining your fingers, lips, etc) but this Pro Beauty lip tint is something really worth trying if you guys are new to tints or looking for better alternatives for your current ones.
Hope you all like the look as much as i do! Just wish my hair was this long, thick and black as this hone onna wig *sobs*. I know it will never be this long because by the time it even manages to reach below my bust i would be bald by then lol.

Head over to Holika Holika @Sunway Pyramid today to find your favourite products!
Outlet Name : Holika Holika
Lot No. : LG1.82

Or if you aren't from KL, great news because Holika Holika Malaysia is officially selling on 11Street.com. It's one of Malaysia + Korea's biggest e-commerce shop that has all your needs under on roof and from time to time 11 Street also offers discount vouchers too.
Visit them: http://store.11street.my/holikaholika

More details about their products, feel free to browse through their website: www.holikaholika.com.my
Also remember to follow them on facebook for the latest updates/ promotions & even exciting giveaways :)

Wait! There is more to share about Holika Holika products like their skincare and other cosmetics, but i'll leave that to my next blogpost. So remember to subscribe and stay tune!

Disclaimer: All photos are taken using my faithful HTC Desire EYE (°◡°♡).:。


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