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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Visit to Cat Cafe @ Coffee Cottage SS15 (*ΦωΦ*)

Such fabulous-ness from the Scottish flat face, totally love this cat because he is so "zen" (reiko's favourite word for calm lol) :3


Those are the 5 words i can come use to describe my first visit to a cat cafe here in Malaysia, actually in Subang SS15. Heard there was one in Setapak before a few years back when i was sill staying there but didn't get to visit the place before i moved to PJ almost 2 years ago.  Not sure if it is still around, maybe i should start hunting all the cat cafes around Klang Valley lol.

To be honest from what i am seeing in photos of cat cafes in other countries seem so much nicer and cats there are way friendlier compared to local but i can't vouch for it as i haven't visited them myself, do hope so i can someday, all those kitties needs to be GLOMPED by me. Bwahahahaha... * evil laughter*

Well since i am in Malaysia, this will do for now, huehue.
What if i tell you guys an ironic information about myself not many people know? I am actually allergic to animal fur both cats & dogs.
All of you would go "WTF? But you used to live with them."
Indeed grew up with pets knowing i had such sensitive nose, but hell that didn't stop me from loving animals :3
Makes the suffering all worth it getting to cuddle and play with my furry friends, don't you agree?

My condition is considered pretty mild allergy compared to some who can't have can't have any contact with animals at all :-( That sounds even more devastating, imagine not being able to go near animals your entire life because of a severe allergy.

Actually the only reason why i bothered going that SS15 area is because i had to meet both girlfriends there for a catch up session and what better place to do it than a place full of cute cats lol.
SEE? All girls are suckers for cats :-P
SS15 might be known for being always congested, lack of parking spaces and constantly filled with people, let's just say it's a busy commercial area due to the college nearby.

But if you pick your timing right, parking wouldn't be a problem. Like going on Sunday afternoon/ evening, 4pm-ish like how i did :D
Haven't tried their coffee before, maybe next time round but i did tried their cakes as they had a promotion of buy 1 and get 2nd for 50% off.
So we had red velvet (which あなた didn't know it was actually chocolate cake with beetroot at colouring lol)

But to play with the cats you must at least order a drink before going in (obviously la! Lol). There is no time limit on how long you can spend time in the cat room but please be considerate about others, don't hog the place too long especially if the place is crowded.
That's why it is ideal to go when there is lesser people, more time to snuggle with the kitties. 

 (*ΦωΦ*) Gonna spam this post with moaarrrrrrr cat pictures. So brace yourselves (*ΦωΦ*)

Look at that face lol, not so amused.

The beautiful bride, Mintos~ Didn't manage to selfie with Meiko >.<

Heard all the cats here love bags lol, have no idea why. If you do go to Coffee Cottage and put your bag in the cat room make sure to check your bag before going home, who knows you might end up bringing home one by accident XD Honestly, i wouldn't mind bringing them home at least they can have my attention 24/7 lol.

Address: 1-1, Jalan SS15/8A, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-5613 0078


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