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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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#SoNotMyDay Rant No.1 - Broken Phone, Heat & Blistering

Should start using this hashtag on my all postings, and rants when shit hits the window on my daily life lol.
When shit happens at that vert moment, it doesn't seem funny and in fact we get so pissed to the point that we start cussing (or cursing some on you might say it) at every single thing and wonder why is the F**KING world so against you.
Like my favourite saying "God, you must have hated me so much".
I rarely blog about stuff like this because, no.1 problem is filtration and reputation but i came to the point and realised i am turning superficial just like every single girl out there. Just show and posting all the pretty things, what happened to random unglam shots on my posts?

That's not how i wanted to be remembered, forgetting my roots as i progress in life. So here i am today with a new rant post and i would like you guys to share your #SoNotYourDay stories too :)
Sometimes all we need is some time to cool down, write/share about it and while doing so you would actually realised how silly that encounter was and who knows it can also help you find ways to improve your life.

Okay...to start with this rant, i have to say brace yourselves with some disturbing pictures that would make you cling your precious phone & feet, but make sure not to crush them k?
Being a busy person without a full time job (yes i am always busy with various of freelance jobs) i would usually try to maximized the things i can do in a day like if i plan to go out, what other stuff can i achieve once i walked out the door till the time i get back.
I have to do so because, "I DON'T DRIVE" and it's really, really tiring to walk non stop under this scorching humid heat so that i do not have to make future unnecessary trips to get things done. 
But in the process things ALWAYS don't go according as planned. FML.

Yes i said that word, FML. Everyone who hears me say this would say "stop pitying yourself or others had it much worst than you..blah..blah."
I would really very much like to voice out my thought (every single one of 'em) but because i a "considerate person" i shall not rely to that comment of yours in front of your face.
My reply would be:-
"B*tch, shut up please. You have comforts of everything with a frigging silver-spoon in your mouth, so shut up especially when a person like you can never relate to a commoner's problems. So before you advice me not to use the word FML (F*ck My life) for self pitying sake (which i am CLEARLY not), please look at things from my perspective at that moment of time."

Rude enough? :-/ 
I personally think so too, that's why i would shrug it off and later on rant to あなた lol. I am surprised his ears haven't bleed with all my rants yet wtf.
Last week after attending the VGL media launch i decided to take Uber to my next destination which was a job interview, okay everything was fine till i found out the special media code we had was faulty (which problem solved, thanks Uber!) and my driver didn't know what he was doing at all, blur case and spoke very minimal English as he was a foreigner which made communicating to my destination abit somewhat difficult.

Arrived at the forsaken place, for an interview that was done in a hour and after that found myself kinda lost(?) as i am not familiar with the area. The heat was terrible that day and in my opinion far worst than usual maybe because i hasn't rain the past few days prior to that and the wind was insanely strong as well.
That's one reason why we can't use umbrellas here in Malaysia, whether rain or sunshine confirm you can kiss your umbrella goodbye thanks to the wind.
And when i was 35kg, 2 years ago i also couldn't stop myself being blown away, it's just that strong.

That's how i dropped my precious HTC Desire EYE face first on sharp rocks and she is only 2 months old, wtf. Had my camera with me thanks to the media launch earlier that's why i could take some pictures of this "unfortunate" events lol.

While trying to battle through the blistering wind and scorching heat, at the same time juggling armsn full of files with my HP trying to get a signal for Uber.
It dropped and fell screen first on the sharp rock. F*CK. Yes, i screamed so loud knowing no one would even hear me -_-

So there goes my phone, GPS and everything important needed like emergency contacts. Bravo Arisa. Someone please give her a medal for it.
Ended up walking for almost an hour because i couldn't find the way to the nearest LRT station (saw sign boards but as usual Malaysian signboards aren't very helpful, worst is i wasn't wearing proper walking shoes nor socks resulting blisters to form all over my feet which hurts like hell but i couldn't walk barefooted due to the ground being overheated.

To make things even worst after i am frustrated that my precious phone is gone and i am still stuck in this blardy heat, a fat ass uncivilised motorcyclist tried to bang me over and yelled at me for being on the side of the road. WTF?
I am walking inside the white line, so how i am wrong here? If i walk in the middle of the road like a boss the ok la, you have the rights to tell me to get off.
Dah lah your fat wife at the back there buat tak tau at your boorish behaviour.
Also i wish you have stayed awhile to hear me yell back at you but too bad you were gone too soon. Asshole, give your race a bad impression only (>.>)

So it's either getting my foot burnt & risking them being injured by nails, sharp rocks and broken glasses or continue walking with blisters till they burst & bleed.

Obviously i would rather choose blisters.

Try walking in pure stiff leather shoes without socks for long distance and on uneven grounds. If shopping mall still can tahan la, but when it comes to outdoors sport shoes are you best friends wei. All those fashion shoes become irrelevant in your life liao, so people who rarely walks (rely on the comforts of their car) do not know the pain i go through daily to attend events & other stuff.

Looking for a public phone these days is like searching for a needle in a haystack (literally!) and when i actually found one, guess what?
It doesn't accept our new plastic coins.....can this day get any worst?
Went around literally begging for exchange of old coins but can't seem to get any from nearby stalls, vendors and passers-by =.= 

Public phones should be considered artefacts already la at this era, no one bothers to maintain them anymore. So it's either useless, vandalised or both. 

Actually i have no idea why i was looking for a public phone when i don't even know what number to call, guess that was normal response?
But yea..being handphone-less for the whole 4 hours made me realised how much we rely on our mobile phones to the point we feel so useless without them. For F*ck sake i can't even remember あなた phone number properly (Fail) and to call my mom she never picks up her HP ever =.=

From SS3, managed to find my way here in kelana square area (thanks to a beautiful angel for guiding me to Taman Bahagia LRT) and finally came across this kind soul from Umobile shop that was willing to let me use his phone to insert my sim card, and remembered that my sim card was Nano sim, not micro anymore since i switched to HTC oTL
Thank heavens he has a sim card adapter which i need to carry one around for emergency sake.

Thank you nice Mr. Chinese guy!

To be purely honest as a Umobile user for almost 2 years, i find their network coverage TERRIBLE but yet crazy affordable at the very least.
Was previously a maxis & celcom user and have to say that their rates are expensive and they are only better like extra 10-20% lol. Other than that it's just meh.
Well at least i managed to get hold of あなた about my current location and all i had to do was wait.

Before any of you think of this line " you could have just take the cab back". 
  • I don't have enough cash on hand, nor any banks nearby from where i walked from (SS3)
  • I can't use UBER because my phone is dead, in case you weren't reading above.
  • Tried to hail a cab but none stop to pick me up, i am just so lucky.
  • Most importantly, how am i supposed to get in my house without the keys since i rushed out with あなた forgetting them in the process oTL

So that's my conclusion of #SoNotMyDay rant lol, have any of you encountered a day as bad as mine? Share your stories & posts by hashtaging #SoNotMyDay on FB, twitter & Instagram ;-)
Let us all share our stories, look back & laugh at them near future.
Doing this post for fun, i mean..why bottled up all these feelings when you can post it out freely? :-P

Guess who came to the rescue for my phone a day later? Super Steven! Thank you so much babe, if it weren't for him i would not be able to take the latest selfies (god, i so vain this must be my punishment lar -.-) lol.
Overall, a bad day doesn't have to be carried forward to the next. Unless you are a pessimist like me lar, then lain cerita. :-P
On the bright side yay, my HTC Desire Eye is fixed!


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  1. Oh man you poor thing! Well there's always rainbow after a rain. And I'm really impressed by how you walk everywhere! Malaysia is not pedestrian friendly at all, unfortunately.


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