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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Welcome New Dior 2015 Ambassadors!

OMGERDDDDD!! My hubby Johnny Depp is Dior's new face for their men's fragrance, someone please stop me from going to a Dior store to hug his large poster print XD
Gwad...sound like an overly attached crazy fan, but seriously though..i had a crush on him ever since i was 12 (it's been 10 years!) thanks to pirates of the Caribbean and still wishing one day that i'll get an opportunity to work on a movie set with him as part of the costume designer/ stylist team.
But I don't think, that opportunity would even come *sobs*.....if it does i would drop everything here and leave for that dream job, though things might not go exactly as planned but i am very confident that i will not regret this decision.

Photo credit to Nathaniel Goldberg for Christian Dior Parfums.

Back to my hubby, Johnny who has graced many covers with his suave looks & gawd..words just can't describe this sexy thing *shy*.
Also with his talent and versatility in acting making him one of the most wanted man in entertainment industry.
And seeing him as the next ambassador of Dior Men Fragrance, was really a good choice who else can can fit the sexy elegance of Dior aside from Depp?

Photo credit to Sebastian Kim for Christian Dior Parfums.

Followed by Jennifer Lawrence, my new favourite actress from Hunger Games and The Silver Lining who inspire me to be confident no matter what size you are (You go girl!) is currently the new face for Dior Addict Lipstick.
The new lipstick collection will be released on counters September 2015
onwards, so if you have any love ones in mind who happens to love Dior & Jennifer Lawrence can have an early start in saving for a Christmas gift :-P
Do hope they bring both of these two down someday *i wish lol*.

Supposed to go down pavilion next week to ogle over their huge posters at Dior's newest boutique in Pavilion but unfortunately i have to go in office *sobs*.
Enjoy the rest of you girls (Reiko, Fatin & Jean) I might drop by tomorrow instead to stake a loo, hopefully they are opened already :D
Also received a little surprise from the delivery man today and i shall be reviewing them very soon too~ 

To learn more about Dior head over to their official website : http://www.dior.com/

Any of you here are literally addicted to Dior products? 
Either skincare, perfume or cosmetics :) 


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