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Hair Makeover @ Luxureeq Lab Hair Studio, PV128

Usual question people would ask whenever i get my hair done whether it's for another hair show or advertorial, etc. This year not much of those jobs or maybe because i grew abit fussy about having my hair being chopped of frequently and usually i have no say in the hairstyle because its work lol.
I don't mind going for crazy colours though, been meaning to get my hair bleached platinum blonde for quite some time now but never had the chance, also it's too expensive unless got saloon want to sponsor my hair la lol :P
But yea, doubt that would ever happen (sponsoring part lol).
Heard maintaining it especially at the roots is tedious and expensive T_T

So loving my new hairstyle, though i am still puzzled why isn't it BLACK??
I chose the Blackest black on the chart D:

Have to thank Mieko & Silvy for recommending this budget friendly place to get my MUCH NEEDED hair fix :)
Apparently one of the stylist happens to be a friend of Mieko, that explains how she first found out about the place.
Seriously, the price here is really affordable for cut, treatment & colour (depends on what kind of colour). Paid only like RM100 for my hair, and the job wasn't too shoddy either :D

Should tie my hair into ponytails like these, reminds me of Lady Beard-san!

Can't blame me for having fear with hairdressers after many horrible hairstyle disasters back when i was a kid,  so my mentality became the cheaper you pay the more cacat results you get like those RM15 quick cuts. That's when i learn to appreciate paying a higher price just to get my hair cut PROPERLY, the shape would maintain and you won't have to hide your head in a paperbag for the next 1 or 2 months lol.

Also i am gonna give my honest review on their services, the place is easy to find if you are familiar with Jalan Genting Kelang area (near TARUC), it's at PV128 facing the main road heading to TARUC where the current hype of Macaroon Ice creams were sold, called Negative Celsius.  

Located on the 2nd floor (back end of PV128 looks seriously dodgy) on the front at left corner of the PV128 building . 

Hope this helps because i personally went in circles finding this place lol.
Go up the escalator to the 2nd floor, come to the front area (facing the main GK road) you will see it on your left. If you look from downstairs, main entrance it would be on your right hand side of the building, 2 floors above Eu Yan Sang.

No doubt this place is undeniably spacious but really, if you are looking for a quick hair fix i would not recommend coming here at all. My hair was basic dying (no ombre or whatsoever fancy colours) and a basic hair cut took me about nearly 7 hours. 
You would go WTF, i know. Because i went WTF too, by right my hair could have been easily done in 2 hours or 3 at most it was because there was only 2 hair stylist when we arrived for our 11am appointment.

THIS hair has been a total mess since January 2015 -_- 
Thank god, i finally get to tidy up my hair.

But there was only 3 of us before 1pm when suddenly a few more customers pop up at the saloon.
Imagine 2 stylist having to handle 5 heads. Makes me wonder how the heck do they even do business like that when customers have to wait so long because stylist kena multi-task like that -_-.
Kesian both stylist and customers. Sigh.
Silvy, Rize and I sat there till our butt hurts, can't imagine doing bleaching in here sure more than 12 hours lol also heard that this was the least amount of customers they handled compared to weekdays.

Now i am seriously questioning, how the heck they survive?
But the other staffs came in MUCH later which was no help at all, guess this saloon really works on a "Chillax" policy by the way they handle things.

So i repeat, if you are in a rush, do not come here at all.
If you have some time to spare, by all means make an appointment by calling them up: 03-41417094 :)

They do provide 3D semi-permanent colouring services where colours are super intense almost neon like (depending on your base colour) which costs a wee bit more (x2 normal pricing) than normal colours. 

They have categories for colours (estimate pricing): 
Normal colours           : RM80
Fashion colours          : RM160
Ramadan promotion : RM60 (for basic colours only) - 1st June to 15th July 2015

I went for black actually but i am not sure why it turned out red brown (?) but oh well, had to remind myself not to have such high expectations with the price i am paying :P
At the very least it looks neater, not such an eyesore like the previous hair colour leftovers. Their treatment is pretty good too, my frizzy hair became quite tame and it doesn't make your scalp oily. Which is my main concern as we are usually advised not to wash out hair for the first 2 days after getting your hair done as your hair needs a break from all those chemicals.

Here i am on my 3rd day, my hair is still quite ok actually lol.
And i am plain lazy to wash & blow dry my hair.

Such Smoothnessssssssss~
wish my hair was like this everyday (灬♥ω♥灬)

As for the hair cut, my stylist didn't interact much with me compared to the previous stylists i visited before which i do prefer personally some interaction between both parties. So at least the stylist can suggest a hairstyle based on your personality and face shape..etc.
This stylist was pretty quiet and timid, had to literally direct him on how i want my hairstyle to be and that was because i know what style flatter's my face. For those who don't, might find this a challenge.
I would say their cutting is a so-so?
Not their strongest point compared to styling & colouring. So i am not surprised if my hair starts to grow out of shape in a few weeks, crossing my fingers for that not to happen *sobs*.

Usually their fixed price for colour is RM80, but now they have an ongoing Ramadan promotion where dyeing is only RM60 (basic colours). This Ramadan promotion applies to all (old & new) customers.
If you so happen to be a returning customer, just bring your previous receipt/ photos taken at LQ & get your dye works at RM50 only! 

Overall rating for this saloon would be :
Service : 7/10 
Pricing :  9/10

Luxureeq Lab Hair Studion
Contact: +603 41417094
2-18, PV128, Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, 53300 KL

Thanks Shana for the Macaroon Ice cream! It was nyums :3
Hope Edgar gets well soon~
How can one eat such nice pastel colours??? Negative Celsius banyak laku lor, open at 11.30am before 1pm almost all sold out lol, at least the matcha ice cream was decently flavoured.

Silvy not so happy face because i took an un-glam shot of her XD

Thanks Silvy for the wonderful day! 

Disclaimer: All photos are taken using my HTC Desire EYE :)



  1. fear the wrath of my unglam face RAWR >:B

  2. Replies
    1. According to the hairstylist, when it fades after 2 weeks there is various gradients hence that is why its called 3D lol :D

  3. Can I achieve pastel hair if I get my hair dyed using this 3D colour? I'm not sure if the pink will fade into a cotton candy pink :)


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