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Laundry Time!

Been seeing so many of of this self service coin laundry shops popping up like mushrooms after a downpour. Seems like this is the current business trend that so happens to be working among locals but previously all these self service laundry shops don't exists at all which makes it quite inconvenient for those who don't own a washing machine, like me when i first moved into my new studio.
I know some dry cleaner shops do provide washing services and charge according to the weight of your dirty laundry as i've seen my previous housemate did that just because he was lazy to dump his clothes in our washing machine & hang them out. But the downside on those is you can only pick'em up a few days later, meanwhile as for self service laundry shops you can get them done within 30mins- 1 hour.

That jakun moment when i stepped into a self-service laundry store right outside my place,
runs on coins only (there is a coin change machine there) and best part is its 24 hours. This place however comes with WiFi as well, damn canggih wei laundry shops these days.

Honestly think this service is a great way for people to get things done in a jiffy and at their convenience sake.
Most of these shops can be found in commercial areas near condominiums as that's where people need them most due to restricted condo spaces not all can have a washing machine at home and not to mention those who are constantly moving like me. I would definitely NOT buy a washing machine or a fridge with my current unstable living status lol, moved like 3 times this year in less than 6 months.
Confirm and "achievement" for myself in 2015 liao (a useless achievement la) lol.

Apparently according to あなた these kind of services is very common overseas lol, only Malaysia very slow in catching up.

Well at least the rates for these guys are affordable, for normal households the usual amount would be less than 10kg, there is also a 20kg option if you are doing curtains or just have a a month's worth of dirty laundry (ew) lol.
Though it might be convenient that you need not to to bring your own detergent (which i did, as it was my first time) but honestly i didn't like the smell all that much and god knows what kind of low quality detergent they use. Only downside about this self service laundry is that and it makes me wonder IF my laundry actually really CLEAN or not, don't get me started on the machine's hygiene lol.

Not sure how often they do their maintenance but i do hope as often as it should be, well this is my first and hopefully my last time there because i don't like the idea of sharing laundry machines with random strangers, who knows they have skin disease or not and that can be easily picked up & passed through clothings >.<
Though they use heated water while doing the laundry, but still at least some sterilizing service of the machine after every usage would be useful.

And their dryer doesn't work. Paid extra RM4 for just steamed clothes lol, no where near DRY at all. So i have no idea why it is even called a dryer lol, ended up あなた & i had to home home to hang up the laundry.

Anyone else here has tried self service coin laundry shops like these? What are you thoughts about them as well? Do you prefer to do your own laundry or rather get someone else to do it because you are lazy lol? :P
For me i would go the extra mile to handwash my laundry if i had to (which i did back in my college days) but just the heck for experience sake with this self service laundry shop i decided to be lazy and try them out haha.
Well, i am guessing in other countries these kind of services is more reliable & hygienic as it is one of their most used services around and can someone kindly share with me your experiences in using a coin laundry service outside of Malaysia?
How is it? Any better or it's just the same lol.

Random way to end my late night laundry expedition, getting a cold 100 plus from the nearby 7-11 store. Same, same but not same.


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