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Rouge Dior Brillant 999 & Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 review

It was love at first sight for me indeed during the launch of their Mid Valley boutique last month when i headed over to the lipgloss area and picked up a Rouge Dior Brillant in 999. It is indeed a brilliant red colour just as its name perceives in French (Rouge= Red, Brillant= Shine).
Honestly i love my red, very much because they are one of the shades that just goes well with my skintone, for pinks depending on what kind of shade. Orange, not so much because i am already quite "orange" coloured skin myself lolol only fair people or super tan skin can pull off orange coloured shades.
 So confirmed it's usually the reds or nudes, for those who want to get me lippies, take note :P 
But yea i have so many at the moment, trying to use them sparingly.

Seriously, I have no idea what is there to even write about for a well known brand lol.
Shall i start with texture?
Dior brand is known for its superb quality, so you will get you money's worth whenever you purchase any of their products.
When it comes to lip glosses, as well all know tend to be thick, sticky and iffy (just a slang lol), plus it leaves a sticky trail on almost everything your lip touches. That was one of the reasons why i TRY to avoid lip glosses whenever possible. But i can't help it when the colours are that beautiful *sobs* this is what you called impulse already haha.

Surprisingly when i tried the Rouge Dior Brillant series, i noticed the stickiness wan't as bad as majority lipglosses out there in the market. I understand why they want the sticky-ness to give a coat of shine and an illusion of super plump lips but what good is all that when it makes life inconvenient (staining clothes/ bottles/ cups/etc)?

That's when i noticed that the Rouge Dior Brillant series texture is creamy enough to glide across your lips easily, covering any cracks (not butt cracks, LIP cracks! =_=) giving your lips a super silky finishing. At the same time making them look plump without being to overly sticky, yes you can still open your mouth without seeing lip gloss residues being pulled when you talk lol. 

Don't you just love the colour as well? 
The Pin Up kind of red but glossy version, not too over the top. In fact just nice.
Money well spent on this baby.

It lasts quite long if you do not eat (casual drinking) and touch up period is like every 2 hours or more unless you are the fussy one like me who constantly wants the lips to be glossy (so more frequent touch ups), but if you don' mind the glossiness fading but the colour maintaining then you wouldn't need to touch up that much.
Yes, your lips would still be in its original colour after removing the lip gloss despite the colour being super vibrant. Doesn't seep into the lines of your lips.
P/S: Do take note that you might need a lip pencil to trace on the outline if you do not want them to spread out, i mean..you can use this lipgloss WITHOUT a lip pencil it's just that your lip shape won't be so defined, that's all :)
All and all, this lip gloss is really worth spending on, can't wait for the next collection.
Rouge Dior Brillant 999 is retailing in Dior Boutiques at: RM108 (after GST)

Now moving on to Dior Addict's newest Lip Glow series, didn't actually though of getting this really but the other items i wanted were out of stock, so this will do at the moment.
Their well-trained staff recommended me this as it has high moisture level and not only it gives a unique colour for everyone it also repairs your lips at the same time (hmm, 2-1 lipbalm)

As for their newest addition to the Dior Addict Family is their Lip Glow and it is available in 2 shades: Pink- 001 (more subtle and natural colour) & Orange- 002 (more intense and stronger colour)

My colour usually ends up quite pink, maybe it's because my body is too "hot" :P
I am smokin' babeh~~ lol

It may just look like an ordinary lip balm but what makes it so special is that it changes your lip colour according to you body's temperature, takes about 1 minute to show the colour transition. And it also has a pleasant mint sensation, if you love mints then this lipbalm is for you. I find this lip balm pretty useful for my lazy day make up (no eyeshadow or blusher) and yet this gives my lips a pop of colour so at least it doesn't look so pale.
 Dior Addict Lip Glow is Retailing in Dior Boutiques at RM97.17 (exclude GST)

My lips aren't usually this that pink also, it's a good thing that the colour is natural looking and not too fake. Great item to have in my "To Go" make up pouch for my handbag.

Can't wait to review more of my Dior loot, any of you here are still a virgin to Dior products? Do let me know what else you would like me to review, so i can give my thoughts about the product :)
Dior products are available in their boutiques:- Starhill, Pavilion & Mid Valley.

Disclaimer: Selfies were taken with my faithful HTC Desire EYE and product images was taken with my Sony NEX6. Also products are bought by me during the launch of Mid Valley Dior Boutique and not sponsored, this review is based solely on my very own opinion and not affected by others.


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