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Merc Storia Guide [Basics]

Thought of coming out with a simple visual tutorial to make your gaming experience with Merc Storia a breeze.
For those who are new to this game would find everything foreign, from going for quests, upgrading characters  and many more. Though there are simple walk through by the game's guide (Merc) but sometimes we tend to accidentally click "skip" because we are excited to play the game right? :P

And these instructions don't come back, it only goes forward so everytime they give you new advices (no repeats) which makes it abit difficult if you had missed it of forgot about it as it is quite early in the game before you start progressing.
So i do hope this post of mine may serve as a basic "reminder" to my fellow Merc Storia friends.
Cheers and enjoy the game!

After you receive your very first 3 star character**, do check your gift box. There are things waiting to be redeem by player and also if you score any gifts from your quests/ achievements it will be instantly credited into the "GIFT BOX".

** Merc Storia Characters are graded and skilled according to their ratings. The higher they are (4-5 stars) means they are very powerful & rare characters. We can't exactly choose our characters when we want to recruit them, this game is based on "luck" like the Japanese lucky draw :P 

As for the magic fountain, it is just a bonus place that gives you free gold coins and medals.
Medals can be used to exchange for potions/ runes and even limited edition healers.

Followed by your messenger bird that brings you daily updates upon logging in, and that trinket jar above is actually your guide "Merc". Click on her to interact.

Also just found out there is a feature that you can add friends on Merc Storia :D
As for the newbie quest above, it is some simple tasks where you have to complete when you play the game and after that you will be awarded in the form of diamonds/medals & gold coins.

Hope this small tutorial is useful, and if you have any inquiries feel free to drop a comment and i'll reply as soon as possible :)
Also remember to join me on the OBT "Open BETA Test" next week.
So stay tuned on these pages to get the latest updates and progress as we get closer to the release of the finalized English version of Merc Storia*.

MercStoriaofficial website: http://goo.gl/LL7Rly
MercStoriaFacebook page:https://www.facebook.com/ujoyms
UjoyYoutube channel:https://goo.gl/9aj31B
Ujoy official site:www.ujoy.com
UjoyWechat: Ujoy

*P/S: By participating in the CBT & OBT you guys have helped Ujoy team to progress on with the finalized version even faster :) So thank you!
Remember to report bug findings here: https://www.facebook.com/events/500838733401358/


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