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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto @ Espresso Lab

Dolce? When i first heard of that word first thing that came to my mind was "Dolce & Gabbana" LOL :-P Was invited by Tammy to join this wonderful event about NESCAFÉ's latest coffee machine maker that have just hit our shores. As a coffee lover can't say no to that can I? Tehehee 

Still scratching your head on what is Dolce Gusto? :-P Save the dandruff and read below or IF you are lazy to work those eyes of yours you can always stare at my pretty face in the introduction video that I'm gonna make for my next blog entry, which is more enticing than reading my boring writing  deshou? :-D *trololololol*/ kena smack
ehehe XD Here is a brief introduction video of Dolce Gusto~

Coffee Is Not Just Black 

About NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™

The NESCAFÉ®® Dolce GustoTM café-style beverage system comes with four stylish machine models and a variety of colours, offering all coffee aficionados the luxury and ease of brewing a rich variety of delicious café-style beverages in the convenience of their home or office.

Designed and marketed in partnership with KRUPS, one of the leading manufacturers of high-end espresso machines, NESCAFÉ® Dolce GustoTM is striking in both function and design. Using a patented smart capsule technology that optimizes the extraction pressure, the innovative technology offers coffee lovers the versatility to make that fine espresso as well as perfectly frothed milk within one easy-to-use, maintenance-free system. A variety of beverages are available include Espresso, Grande Intenso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Mocha, Chococino, Cappuccino Ice and Chai Tea Latte, and exclusive on the online shop, Green Tea Latte and Lungo.

I am really excited about this new machine and was lucky enough  to be one of the few bloggers invited to this talk and coffee demo/tasting session that was held at Espresso Lab, in Publika last weekend all thanks to a renowned lifestyle and beauty blogger Plusizekitten.com for the generous invitation! :-)  

Senior Brand Manager for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, Christophe Wyss was there introducing to us a whole new way of making a perfect cup of coffee from home and anyone can enjoy a huge variety of café-styled beverages without having to queue early in the morning for your usual cup off coffee! This amazing  machine has the ability to make both hot and cold beverages too! 
Talk about looking small but being able to do what a RM6k coffee machine you find in your usual cafes can do O.O Surprised? I am! Just imagine your usual cup of average Starbucks coffee costs roughly about RM10 per cup, by investing in a Dolce Gusto machine your usual morning coffee is only priced at RM3.50! You save ALOT indeed =w=b *win* 

So tell me? Having second thoughts about going back to your usual cup of coffee from your favorite Cafes? 8D
P/S: Not the chinese coffee shop ah!! Itu Kopi-O baru priced at RM2 or less.. belum add in dim sum breakfast lagi lol =w= ohoho~

Meet Piccolo ♥ They come in Red and White
The machines ARE affordably priced ranging between RM399- RM959. Think of it on the long run :-) You save alot compared to having your take-away coffee every morning.
 Christopher demonstrating on how to function this simple little machine with a few easy steps 

 Put in the capsule of your choice and Click the button. Viola~~ wait for the goodness as it oozes out from ze machine =w= If i'm not mistaken this is Cappuccino in the picture 8D

It's that simple! And done within less than 5 minutes, saves time and effort on queuing every morning :D
Think i forgot to mention, this baby comes in 3 different designs and colors too (they have manual and automatic ones)!

Owner of Espresso Lab and also a SCAE Certified Barista Trainer, HY Leong taking the floor for the following talk.
 Watch the video as Leong teaches us how to operate your usual huge coffee making machines in cafes in comparison with Dolce Gusto XD  A must watch, at least you know the amount of trouble a worker has to go through just for your cup of coffee :-P

Tools that are needed for latte art, why the chopsticks? Watch this video to find out what you can do with the utensils above.Sure to make you go 'OHHHHH!!! & AHHHHH!!!" that is how they make it!! Bocor rahsia :-P

Random designs made by Leong lol..I'm guessing it was supposed to be the "spider web" design? 

 Yes, so it begins for us bloggers to make our coffee schedule starting 1st October which is today T^T Time flies really fast *sobs* I really do hope you guys do help me with this project! My very 1st BIG project that requires me to work with it throughout the whole month >_< Feeling really worried now -rolls on floor-

 After the talk we also had a food tasting session :D Matching your coffee and food sure is difficult D:
We were given green tea macaroons (which was far too sweet for my taste, sounds weird coming from a sweet tooth monster like me eh? lol @_@) to eat together with our "Chai Green Latte"

 Green tea latte? Wondering how it taste like? Awesome combination :-) To be honest I'm not really a fan of green tea flavored stuff expect the TEA itself but this interesting combination of green tea and milk makes this  YAY on my list of beverages :-) Not too sweet, remember the green tea ice blend from Starbucks? It taste something like that but VERY MUCH LESS SWEETER ♥ which is a good thing, I personally think that Starbucks green tea ice blend drink was too sweet which make you feel "loya" even before half the cup is gone @_@ 
With Christopher Wyss :D gawd...My bulging tummy..butt and arms *pulls hair* but boobs seems to be visibly disappearing every month though lol which is a bad thing >.< /smack self
Note to self : I need to do more squats to tone dat arse =_= lol

 Tammy from plusizekitten.com and Christopher

After the session yummy food were served :-D I'm still kinda amazed with the egg dish below. How the heck did they crack the top of the shell so nicely? @_@  The amount of patience required wei~ If i had to do that i think i would have fantoi (flip table) after 1 egg lol :-P

Meet Piccolo's brother, Circolo :D

Best part is I get to bring home my very own Dolce Gusto Coffee machine! *hearts* Thank you!! >w< Shall really rajin to make myself coffee everyday now :-P 

More information on this machine on my next blog post (more like V-log) :-D I shall undress him slowly (sounds so wrong lol)
and Groupon is having a sale for Piccolo right now!

 Last Day is today and it's almost sold out too :-)
Check the sale out here : 




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  2. Lovely clicks !! I saw the pictures on FB when I was delonghi esam3300 magnifica super-automatic espresso waiting for a meeting to start, totally stunning pics. I waited for the meeting to get over to show it my hubby :-) (we happen to work together). Very well captured Sharmi !!


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