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House At The End Of The Street Movie Review

Phew! that was such a mouthful (till the point i nearly puked the words out instead of saying it lol) They should really keep the title short, sweet and simple (the 3-S rule lol i don't know if it exists, just sorta randomly made that up.. as usual i'm talking nonsense 8D~ teheehe)

Here is a summary and trailer watch it and tell me what you think lol

SUMMARY : - A mother and daughter move to a new town and find themselves living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. When the daughter befriends the surviving son, she learns the story is far from over.

First i would like to thank Nuffnang for inviting me to their premier screening for this movie last night..though i was torn whether to go or not to go due to he pile of work i have to sort out before the week is over @_@ stress level going up again..Zzzz.. Okay here comes my review :-D

P/S : I had alot of WTF moments and a raised eyebrow throughout  this whole movie lol

After watching the trailer i seriously UNDERESTIMATED the story line.Thought it will be like all suspense movies, either the main character manage to escape or die in the end (that is where the story is left hanging half the time :-/).. I really couldn't predict the ending which was a GOOD thing at least it kept me hooked throughout the whole movie as the story slowly unveils itself. Really twisted, that i give them credit for :-)
It really utterly caught me by surprise, this is when you use this phrase " do not judge the book by its cover" overall..acting was normal i guess? Nothing special, just a movie you would want to watch on a lazy Saturday night with your close buddies under one blanket and a huge bowl of popcorn. 
I was actually kinda expecting a ghost story since the trailer wasn't too clear lol but i guess i go disappointed? Turns out that "thing" is just a little...Opps! I'm not suppose to say it :-P Watch to find out

The funniest part was me and my sayang were debating on the main actress because she looked damn familiar, i said she was from X-Men: First Class (Mystique), he argued back saying "No..It's Katiness from Hunger Games"..non of us knew the answer until i got home and googled..yep..those two roles were acted by the same person. None other than the talented Jennifer Lawrence lol and she can sing wei..../Not bad.jpg

My rating?

*because the plot was twisted :D*

Take my advice and don't have too high hopes with this movie. That is the best way to watch it lol :-) 
Lower expectation= Lesser disappointment  



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