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RSH Sports Warehouse Sale : LOOT

YESH!!!! Managed to drop by before they closed for the day >w< and boy i was glad i did! Rushed all the way down from KL after classes just to get myself a new pair of walking shows from Ipanema! Comfort comes first in my dictionary ;-) And the prices are amazing (only for Ipanema section) as for the sport shoes, there wasn't really much of a discount because a pair of sport shoes already cost about nearly RM400? and sale given is like only 50% off..Zzzz you still end up paying more than 100 bucks (in my opinion you don't save much since this is a SALE)

My loot for the day ♥  2 flip flops, 2 pair of shoes and a gym entire. Total for everything is less than RM120! And they are all branded goods *w* 

See? This was the original price of my gym top, RM109 from REBOOK. I wouldn't pay that much for JUST a top lol :-P Got it for RM29

These shoes were made for walking~ That is what they will do..One day all this shoes are gonna walk all over you :D
Flip flops are priced starting from RM10- RM15
Shoes are around RM18- RM25

Still definitely worth it because their original Ipanema flip flops costs about RM39.90 (the cheapest)
And great news to all big and small feet sized women :-D there are plenty of sizes and choices for you gals, but for those who are sized 7-8 (38-39) like me not much left >.< So you gotta hurry!

Sale is going on till this Sunday! Don't miss it :-)




  1. heyy I'm also size 7-8!!! high 5 lehh.. ipanema i like them!! got a couple of pairs.. :D muahhaa...

    very cheapp i also wanna go but no car?!! :(( bye bye ipanemaaaa

  2. i might be going there tmr! Hopefully they still have stuff for me to get la! :)

  3. Woah, that is really really really cheap ! Wish I can go T__T

  4. Tammy : awww!! D: that is the downside for us, always need to find transport to get around cuz no car >.<

    Classy : yes, indeed 8D

    Henry : they have lots of stuff for guys don't worry 8D

    Shuwen : its until sunday :) who knows you might be able to drop by :3

  5. I used to work in RSH 14 years ago. Time flies.


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