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Rene Furterer Workshop

OMG..been very very busy this past few days until this post gets backlogged D: Thank you so much Tammy and Only Beauty for the invite to attend this talk about Rene Furterer! An amazing hair care range that has just been introduced into the Malaysian market, they have a stand alone store located on the 6th floor of pavilion and hope to see it more in Guardian Pharmacies near future :-)

Our speaker, Monsieur Damien

You think your face is the only thing that need a full skin care regime to keep it looking flawless all the time? Think again! Every part of your body needs the equal amount of attention to keep you looking great regardless of age.

Have any of you girls heard of Rene Furterer or currently using any of their hair care range?
Let me enlighten you abit regarding this product (lol here comes the grandmother story :-P)
Originated from France, Rene Furterer has a 50 long year of history in the hair treatment line producing treatments made from natural essential oils and plant extracts. It is also known for being owned by the 2nd largest pharmaceutical laboratory in France, The Laboratoire PIERRE FABRE. A research center for production of dermo-cosmetic products.
Their treatments are also claimed to show immediate satisfying results, transforming hair by giving it new vitality; LOL somehow after typing all of those above i feel that our hair can be associated with grass LOL. Literally.  

And they have a HUGE range,and to list it all out would be insane of me lol
I'll leave the link for the list here to browse at your own leisure :http://www.renefurtererusa.com/products
Hair problems? Name it, they have the right solution for you!
With our Malaysian weather it is understandable about the condition of our hair, too dry, dandruffs or oily scalp..And if you have a mixture scalp problem according (eg: oily scalp and dandruff)  to our speaker Monsieur Damien say it is okay to mix their products together. It is tested safe and their products are very gentle with the scalp (like i said earlier it's all natural essential oils and plant extracts)  

Volunteered to be their guinea pig during the demonstration on how to apply the treatment and massage on your scalp properly cuz my hair was sooooo dry (no thanks to the hair show =_=)  was curious on how good their serum was.
p/s: ignore fat legs please =w= TQ

 And no kidding their products don't smell a thing like chemical! All of them have a strong fruity/herbal plant smell which is soothing for the nose but to be honest smelly too much of it gives me a headache lol i blame my sensitive nose :-P Another reason why i don't use strong smelling perfumes >.< My nose would start itching and i'll sneeze the entire thing off lols. 

Photos taken during demonstration are by Tammy so credits to her! :3 Thank you Tammy! 
They provided all of us with this brush, 
Recommended to get this wooden brush to massage your scalp as you comb your hair.

You have to massage you hair from backwards to front pressing it and massaging it with your fingers, this would be a great session for girlfriend slumber party lol cuz it's really difficult to do it on your own~ When applying the serum lift your hair and apply directly on your scalp, don't forget to massage it in for more effective results. 
The guy was using Essential care, Complex 5 (you can read more about the product here :http://www.renefurtererusa.com/product/complexe-5/regenerating-plant-extract) smelt so "orangey" lol  

After the talk they had a mini game session, seeing whether any of the volunteers could tell exactly what fruit/herb does the product contain. Most of them got it right/notbadjpeg :D The last product was hard to tell and it was almost a draw between two ladies until one answered "Basil" lol! Congratulations to all our lovely winners!

Here are some pictures of their products (sorry for the bad quality photos >.<)

This is the Complex 5 serum (in the small vials)

What is COMPLEX 5?
An  Essential for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. COMPLEXE 5 strengthens hair from the root while deeply cleansing the scalp and optimizing the effectiveness of René Furterer treatments. Its unique concentration of essential oils stimulates microcirculation and invigorates the scalp to enhance the growth of healthy, beautiful hair.
Active ingredients & benefits

53% pure essential oils of Orange & Lavender
Antiseptic: purify the scalp
Increase microcirculation: tone and deep cleanse

Aroma: Orange, Lavender, Marjoram, Thyme
p/s: *this information is taken from their website*

Yay! Me and Tammy won their lucky draw, so we received a mini gift pack :3 
First time being so lucky because I've never won lucky draws, not much luck lolol :-P

This is what i won :3 *shiawase*

Breakfast was served after the workshop~ Yummy 
Hahah i know it is a random picture, couldn't help taking it because it was stacked so nicely XD /kena piak

They had a scalp screening whom chibineko was sooooo interested in :-P everyone wanted Monsieur Damien to give them the screen test/face palm lol the reason why cheebs raged cuz she had to wait so long :-P ohoho~

*why so serious?* 8D

We had to fill a questionnaire before the test is conducted, so yea..i thought my scalp would be in a horrible condition from all the bleach and dye i did during hair shows lol but surprisingly , my scalp is healthy! O_O 
I suspected it must be the serum used during the demo, cuz it's just too impossible to believe LOL! 

Thanks for helping me take the photo cheebs! :-)

I was told i have sensitive scalp so the lady recommended a proper hair care range for my scalp :-) The workshop was really informative and helpful!

Might consider getting their products near future (after i've finished using my current one first lol) They even have spray on shampoos! Like the ones we always see on TV or comics where they just spray it on and they are so called "done" with their hair wash  lol gross at it sounds, but it is really effective! I've tried it on and after spraying it your scalp feels more cleaner and lighter (i think it works by absorbing all the dirt and oil from your scalp) Really good for those who are always on the run (like me 8D) very convenient product *hearts*

Price range?
Not too expensive but quite affordable (at least they are cheaper than some products from your hairstylist saloon!) But look at it as an investment for a long term :-)

Shall test out my products one day and do a review, woots! Photos of me in the shower 8D *that ain't gonna happen lol at most also i'll wear a bikini at least trolololol~* 

Next post would be Eau Thermale Avène Workshop!
Stay tuned  




  1. mucho gracias! taken note of your blog post :D

    I also can't believe your scalp is still healthy with all your model gigs!!! *jealous*. Mine was T____T poor condition...... maluu to say what results...sob........... didn't get the demo like u, maybe will be "healthy" after get?

    Channel no.5 is their Complex No.5 right

  2. haha! Ya meh??? what problems do you have?o.O

    I think so XD or don't tell me Channel no.5 and complex 5 is 2 diff things?o.O


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