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Samsung Galaxy Note ll

Yes! The one we have been waiting for is finally officially launched in Malaysia last night @ Samsung Galaxy Note ll launch which was held at Zebra Square.
Gawd...the rain and massive KL jam but nothing stopped the crowd from reaching the launch, i salute these people lol
Boy... I sure was late @_@ No thanks to the bloody KL rain and jam. Lol we did miss a couple of turnings cuz zebra square’s design was just too ridicules :-/ Like seriously. Parking was hell, because the whole place was full.

What is so great about this Samsung galaxy note 2 compared to their recently launched Samsung galaxy SIII? To be honest, I had the same thought as most people. The functions were almost the same it runs on a 1.6GHz quad core (a HUGE bonus compared to Apple that still runs on a dual core) 
But if you were to compare it with the very first Galaxy Note that was launched last year (I was recently considering on buying this since the value has dropped so much, thank god I didn’t lol) there is a HUGE improvement. In fact Galaxy Note II has extraordinary capabilities in aiding human creativity regardless of work or leisure .

“Built with an unbeatable viewing experience as well as unique and differentiated features, people can discover information and capture their ideas faster, express thoughts freely and manage task more efficiently. This device is designed to help people harness their individual creativity, allowing them to live a life extraordinary.”- Kwon

Very well said indeed. So let’s explore the Note II shall we? :) Sorry for the bad quality photos, was using my Canon compact camera instead of my D600 >.< Didn’t want to travel heavy because I had work earlier yesterday.

What I LOVE most about this Note II is the pen. Of all things, why the pen? lol, I’ll tell you why. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy W (wonder), got as a Christmas gift last year and barely a year old it’s already dying on me (excluding the amount of times is “accidentally” dropped it oTL ) I’m a hardcore phone user compared to most normal people. My phone is basically my life, without it I think I would just die lol and the invention of smartphones was indeed a blessing if not we will be still lounging around our 2kg laptops  :-P

Okay back to my phone, I do not play games on it but check my mail, work..etc on that tiny screen of my galaxy W. Which can be a pain in the ass when it comes to typing a long email/message, suffer like siao wei..the amount of typos..weird word suggestions (I seriously wonder who the heck programmed my dictionary =_=) and copy and paste a paragraph can be HELL with a small screen.

Not forgetting the amount of times I had to restart my phone in a day because it hangs (ran out of memory) and the only thing I usually run is facebook, instagram and my gmail. I barely use other apps on my phone and yet it still HANGS. Wtf =_= imagine how annoying it is to have a phone like that? I’m not complaining about the gift, in fact I was GRATEFUL that i even got it after my old Sony Ericsson phone died (I miss typing with my thumbs on keypad *sobs*) It's just that the Galaxy W wasn’t built for hardcore users like me >.<  More reasons for me to save up for a new phone now lol *Samsungwhyyoudothis??*

 First thing I did was tested out the pen, how amazing I can type a message without actually using my fingers. All I have to do it write using the pen and I can complete the message a 100x times much faster compared to typing with one finger (the other hand holding the phone) *w* *shiawase* and on the bright side I don’t need to carry my heavy sketchbook everywhere now since I can doodle/draw on the phone lol

 The pen pretty much reminded me of the PDA era lol but my only concerns is when the pen goes missing *facepalm* people who are so “lun chun”(careless/clumsy) like me have the tendency to misplace things ALL the time. I personally preferred writing over typing because my entire life revolves around a pencil (being an art student) and I always hated when they first introduced touch screen phones(at least the sensitivity improved over the years) into the market, you can barely find anymore old fashioned keypad phones and now with Note II’s new revolutionary S pen, with much improved sensitivity I can write and draw with much more accuracy.

The 5.5 inch HD screen really caught my attention as well, after complaining my current phone screen is too small to even type or view. The images displayed on the phone is just amaaaazing! ♥

Doesn’t mean it’s wider/bigger it’s gonna be heavier, It is light as a feather in fact lighter than my Galaxy W O_Olll and just imagine my phone is like half that size wei..

Me and Chloe busy camwhoring 

See how clear it is? :-P 

Hehe..being a vain girl next thing I tested was the camera (front one) to camwhore :-P Oppies! Can’t deny the quality of the front camera has indeed improved a lot! If I’m not mistaken it's 1.9 Megapixel while the Rear camera is 8 Megapixel.

They had a cupcake making session to unleash your creativity  :)  Too bad there wasn't any wifi so we are unable to retrieve the photos of the cupcakes taken by the Note II ~ The colors are so vibrant *w*

I had fun randomly putting the deco together XD just randomly topping everything together. Credits to Sandy for helping take the photos :-) But the cupcake icing smelt sickeningly sweet, couldn't even bear to eat it >.< the smell makes a person feel "loya" lol

Refreshments were served after the event and boy..its sure disappeared REALLY FAST lol managed to take a pic of this cute brownies because they look like Popsicles! XD

Cupcakes made by the Samsung BAs and staffs

Samsung Galaxy Note II is set to be released in the market on the 19th October 2012 priced approximately around RM2,299 (depending) And available colors are Marble White and Titanium Grey (for the colors I personally think Samsung Galaxy S III's pebble blue is much nicer ♥)

For latest updated on Note II do check out Samsung Malaysia's official website



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