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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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RIP CURL PRO Terengganu 2012 @ Batu Burok Beach

BASK IN THE GLORIOUS SUN, WAVES...BIKINI BABES..wait...did i forget to mention (maybe)YUMMY SURFERS too? :-P

RIP CURL PRO invites you  over to Terengganu on the 30th Nov - Dec 2nd, 2012 at Batu Burok Beach!

Awesome view of Batu Barok Beach ♥ Sand and sea? You will definitely see me there soon :D Beach babe FTW!

Surfing in Malaysia? And local professional  surfers? Here? O_O
That's the first time for melol! Call me kampong/jungle girl I admit, lotsa stuff I do not know about, but that is the fun thing, getting to explore as i go along :-) That make my blogging life worthwhile 
And to be honest, I didn't know the waves in Malaysia is that strong enough for water sports such as surfing lol no kidding. The only surfing I've seen so far are done on artificial waves in Sunway Lagoon haha! This is definitely something I wouldn't want to miss out on~ Who's with me? :D *raise hands*

-Continue reading to find out MOARRRRRRRRRRRRR- 

Just recently this week @ 1 Utama, Malaysian Top Surfers Sealed The Deal With Rip Curl Malaysia As Official Riders! Woots! Congrats to them *pops confetti*
With our fun Emcee, Joey G things never gets boring, I'm serious :-P 


I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of the brand RIP CURL and seen many of their stores all over KL (if you haven't noticed them you must be blind :-P) Rip Curl (Malaysia) had signed off an official 1-year Official Rip Curl Malaysia Riders deal with two of our top Malaysian surfers – Bryan Ng and Brenda Lee (B & Bs yo!! :D)

Their store signs are always big, so it's hard to miss'em :-P

Welcome Rip Curl's New Official Riders

B& B whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
Lemme feed you some "local" knowledge. It's Brenda and Bryan :-P
Brenda is known as one of the top Lady surfers in Malaysia, while, Bryan is one of the official riders for Malaysia! How awesome is that :-D

P/S : I did't know there was even a "surfing community" here in Malaysia, I'm so embarrassed that i could bury myself in 6 feet pit filled with sand >_<

Introducing Mr. James Hendy, Marketing Manager of Rip Curl SEA

I agree that local Malaysian surfing community should get more acknowledgement for their unique activity, It's not a random sport where you can just pick up an equipment and start playing. And Rip curl (Malaysia) is giving them a huge exposure opportunity by signing these two up as their official Riders! Way to go Rip Curl! :-)
 Besides that Rip Curl Malaysia also renewed the official rider contracts for 17-year old young surfer hailing from Cherating, Mohd. Suhaimi (better known as Semmy). 

Semmy during his interview session with the media

Amber Chia academy students put up a great show with Rip Curl's latest range (very comfortable looking beachwear i might add) 

Ooooo! Im loving that nicely sun kissed skin of Brenda's 

 Media Q&A session with (from far left) Ayin, Jon Lee, Bryan Ng, Brenda Lee, Vivian Chew, James Hendy and Semmy

I've heard its soon gonna be monsoon season down at the east coast, guess that is the best time to hold a Surfing Competition! Huge waves here we come~ *and the hunky surfers woots!*
P/s : Maybe I watched too much Baywatch series when i was a kid Haha, now I'm being to over-imaginative :-P

This 6 STAR event is organized by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC), It will be a fun filled 3 days event with surfers hailing from different regions, gathered at Batu Burok Beach to compete for prizes up to  RM40,000!! :3 
So do make your way to Terengganu to catch them live on waves (on a bright side consider this trip as your holiday too :D )
And not only the surfers get their fun, the public do too! There will be several fun activities planned for the public and a live demonstration on making a surfboard! How cool is that :D Tons of stuff planned for you guys, so don't miss it :-)

So mark your calenders people!

DATE : 30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2012

VENUE : Batu Burok Beach, Terengganu 

These 3 will be there to greet you in Terengganu 

I'll need to get a rain check on my schedule :-) Being a beach person, i'll take whatever opportunity I have to go have a break by the sea :-P
I so miss the holiday i had in Pehentian earlier this year *sobs* wait for me Sun and waves! I'll be back soon~

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