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Frankenweenie: Movie Review

As a Tim Burton fan all my life, this is one of the most anticipated movie for the month of October :-D
In 3D Stop Motion >w< The clay models are just so frigging adorable, I've always liked the way Tim Burton made his clay models, they very distinctive look.. Humongous eyes, big heads..small mouth and stick bodies :D 
If you are a loyal Tim Burton fan, this is a movie you mustn't miss! o(≧∇≦o)
But it seems odd without dear ol' Johnny though :-P Can't have him in every Tim Burton Movie no? XD lols
Thank you WuuhuuOnline.com and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia for the opportunity to catch the premier screening for this movie :-)

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Summary : 
Frankenweenie is a 3D black-and-white motion-animated film and remake of the 1984 live-action short film of the same name. Like the 1984 version, it is a parody of and an homage to the 1931 filmFrankenstein based on Mary Shelley's book of the same name. In the film, a boy named Victor loses his dog and uses the power of science to bring it back to life. Once the others learn of his secret, they set out to create their own 

For those who don't know about Frankenweenie, it is based on Tim Burton's 1984 movie, it was a short film (approx 30 minutes)  :-) Watch the movie below if you haven't!! It's a MUST!! :-P

Okay here comes my review, i was actually amazed on how Tim Burton managed to conjure a full plot for this new movie since the original was only 30 minutes. And by that i didn't mean the plot was crappy or anything, in fact it was superb for a stop motion! The story line was cute, and the character design totally fits the mood of the show, great cartoon for kids on Halloween :-D The story of Bunch of weird kids trying to bring random stuff back to life..lots of unexpected scenes (seriously troll you "kaw kaw")

The most interesting character in the whole movie is this "Weird girl" (tried googling her name but there seems to be none lol) and her kitty cat, Mr.Whiskers (who shits alphabet initials lol) Of all things? An Over fluff-ed cat and weird owner..things just can't get anymore funnier. Not forgetting their over imaginative science teacher and his "Noble Prize" winner plumber lol 

Lets include weird zombie pets rampaging the whole of Holland (yep, it was based in a small town in Holland) and the MOST NOT TO BE MISSED SCENE is ...................... (i'm not sure whether to reveal it or not :-P But oh well...sharing is caring eh?) 

P/S : Make sure you go for your toilet break BEFORE the movie :-P

Okay..the scene is............
When Giant Zombie Shelly (the turtle) rampages through the carnival  -you must watch the whole rampage-
Don't ask why, just watch :-D
That scene will literally make you go WTF is wrong with that Nassor kid?? XD

A real enjoyable movie! Suitable for both adults and kids :-)

Catch Frankenweenie is Cinemas today! ♥


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