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Mavis Hotel Transylvania Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Finally a tutorial after soooooooooooooooo long! So Sorry for the lack of updates guys D: 

Ever since i saw the official movie trailer for Hotel Transylvania fell in love with Mavis's HUGE BATTY EYES :D 

lol And I'm sure most f you have seen the recent spoiler That I've posted on Instagram and facebook ♥ You guys are sure good at guessing >w< ♥

Decided to give it a try since it's nearing Halloween after all and believe it or not, i might not be celebrating Halloween this year (I didn't celebrate last year because i had to work T^T *sobs*) reason? Overloaded with assignments and all of them due this week :-( sigh~ there goes Halloween ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

Okay, back to the tutorial~ :3 
I know I don't suit Mavis at all (my face shap tak ngam D:) But I've tried my best to pull it off (guess i failed oTL) >.< 
And my wig didn't arrive on time so i was stuck using my real hair which was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short for Mavis >.<
Sorry i screwed up guys! Please forgive me! 

*Takes deep breath* here goes nothing >.<  This tutorial is pretty simple because the main focus is just your eyes :-)

I'm using PUFFY 3-TONE BLUE contact lenses

Start off with a fresh naked face, I recommend using the fairest foundation and face powder you have (the fairer the better) because Vampires are suppose to be pale no? :-P Not WHITE but FAIR.  Remember, don't forget to apply foundation and powder at your neck as well s you don't look funny with two toned skin lol :-P

Face :

Primer : Cyber colors Zero Pore Primer
Foundation : Cyber Colors Gemstone Pudding foundation 02
Concealer : Skin food Rice liquid concealer 01
Powder : Silky Girl Magic BB cream Powder Foundation (for more coverage) -01 Fair
My faithful Shading palette

 Eyebrows :
Cyber colors khol pencil (black)
Eyebrow brush

Using the black pencil eyeliner, draw your eyebrows lightly since Mavis's eyebrows are nice black lines lol
Don't put too much pressure on it as it will make your eyebrows appear very thick and bushy >.<

With the aid of an eye brow brush, slowly brush your eyebrows the outward direction, this will help evenly spread the eyeliner and makes the eyebrows appear less harsher and more natural looking.

Next, with your shading brush use the fair powder to shade below your eyebrows and above them to highlight your forehead. Not much shading required because Mavis has a nice round face of a teenager :D Wouldn't want to make her look so old and matured no? :-P Doesn't apply to me because i have a very odd face shape~ Sorry T^T

Like this :-) This gives your eyebrows a higher illusion.

Moving on to other parts of your face, Not much shading but alot of highlighting though :-P
Using the white powder on the shading palette, shade your cheekbones. Makes your face appear more "lifted" and puffy pinch-able cheeks since you can't use blusher for Mavis lols,  it also catches the light in photos.


Tadaaaaaaaa! Chipmunk cheeks lol 

For the eyes, before you start  use double eye lid stickers to make your eyes bigger (this would seriously be a big help when applying the eyeliner) Use the paper kind of tape not the plastic! So at least your eye shadow can blend easily :-)

First row : Use the blackest eye shadow you have, start from the outer corner of your eye and blend it in till it's almost filled your whole eye lids. Make sure it is from dark (outer part) to light (inner part before your tear ducts)

Row two : And using a clean eyebrow brush use  the same black eye shadow and draw the whole bottom rim of your eyes on both sides. Voila~ results should look like in the picture on the left :-)

Using a clean brush (make sure it's a separate one from the previous brush), use Revlon Matte dark brown eye shadow (009) and blend in your eyelids to complete your "smokey" eyes.

All time favorite brand for eye liner is none other than KISS ME! :3 Check out my review HEREI'm using gel eye liner because the line effect it gives are bigger compared to the liquid liner , don't have to draw too many times lol (if you want sharp thin lines, the liquid eye liner from KISS ME and K-Palette is highly recommended :D)

When it comes to drawing eyeliner i always like to start from the inside (tear duct) and slowly make my way outwards.  

Fully eye lined your eyes so it looks like it's popping out :D exaggerate your eye shape a little, because not all of us have natural big eyes like me, mata sepet T^T So i have to draw the bottom of my lash line abit bigger.

Use a white eyeliner to draw on your lower lash line, this helps in making your "eyeballs" look bigger :-)
Pencil eyeliner : Maybelline (White)

Time for the lashes ♥ For upper one i used KISS ME in 04 (i heard they discontinued with this design, which is such a shame! D: But on the bright side a new range of lashes will be launched very soon >w< Keep a look on on their KISS ME  Facebook page for the latest updates) For lower lashes I've used two different kinds of designs and combined them to get the thick bottom lash effect for Mavis :-) 

Almost done with your look! All that is left is your lips  ♥
Wondering how i got my black lips without black lipstick? A simple trick ;-) *winks* Lip balm and  black eye shadow~ I really wish the would sell black lipsticks here in Malaysia! :-(
I generously layered my lips with lip balm (the more the better, easier to blend and spread the eye shadow later if too little blending would be hard)
P/S : don't put TOO much lip balm as well because this makes the black lipstick run (won't be able to set) high chances of your teeth turning black lol >.<

AND YOUR DONE! YAY! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ 
 Be prepared to "ZING' people with your Batty looking eyes♥

Now you are all set for Halloween! Happy Treat-o-treating guys! O(≧∇≦)O

Added in fake fangs out of boredom :-P lol

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Thank you for viewing my tutorials

Step by step pictures taken using Shirokuma-chan (Samsung WB150F)

Final Upclose shots taken using Canon 600D



  1. This is awesome! You did a great job getting the look right. :D

  2. Thank you so much Dolly! >w< Love your gyaru make up style <3

  3. Impressive, you l have porcelain skin! * jealous* and I thought you draw the fang up with which liner on your lips.


  4. WOW!!! that's really alike!

  5. babe ur make up so nice !!i LOVE it~wat camera u use to take picture??also nice ne~

  6. This is good, love! You really look like Mavis! :)

  7. Totally nailed it!! You look so cute!! ^___________^

  8. Mandylogy : haha it's the lighting and crazy amount of facep owder babe :-P i put like 4-5 layers? nah~ randomly edited the fake fangs in lol :D but thanks! >w<

    Henry : Aww <3 Thank you! >w<

    nicole_baby : Thank you^w^ For the step by step photos i used Samsung WB150F and for the final complete look I used Canon 600D :-)

    Pauline : aww thanks babe *hugs* >w< still need to improve more on my make up skills :)

    j_fish : Really think so? >////< *blush* thanks dear! :) <3


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