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Instant Uploads with WB150F

Everything is instant nowadays,  first instant noodles...instant coffee...then, instant this..instant that...Now Instant uploads on digital camera :-D 

As you guys know recently I've won one of Samsung (Malaysia)'s competition and now I'm one of their brand evangelist! Feel really honored to get such an opportunity! Thank you so much Samsung & Manoah! (◕‿◕✿)
Had a fun time playing around with my brand new toy :3
Taking pictures and directly uploading them online has never been this easy!
Good bye to the days of waiting to go home after an event to upload your pictures and the hassle of putting and removing your memory card from the camera~

P/s : worst part is when you forget to put back the memory card into your camera and you walk out without it oTL /truestorybro

What I love most about this little guy is the WIFI! Yes you heard right! A digital camera with a wifi function that allows you to directly upload your photos online (provided where you are have wifi la lol :-P)]
Aside from uploading the pictures on social network sites (Eg : Facebook, Picasa, YouTube & photobucket) You can also directly email and transfer files to your computer too! Everything via WIFI 

I've even recorded a short video on how to use the wifi, so if you are lazy to read, just sit back and listen to my annoying voice :-P LOL please pardon the slight shakiness, I was holding the the recorder between my knees like a tripod stand :D

Here are the few functions/ programs that can be found in the WIFI section : 

 I've tried out this app (can be found in android market for android phone users, just search for MobileLink it's a free app by Samsung), must say that I'm impressed by it lol , with one click all photos that I've taken through this camera can be viewed on my phone!
So now I can share on instagram high quality pictures as sneak preview for my blogpost :-P ohoho~ bye bye phone camera!

Boy, Samsung is always full of surprises! You need to download this app on android market too. How does this work? Remember the days when we want to take group photos but no one to help us take? So we always set it on timer and someone always has to rush back after pressing it? 
This app on your phone acts as a remote shutter release for your camera (´▽`)=b 
So all you need to do if put your camera somewhere and you can take the pictures through your phone (can use as spy gadget already *jeng..jeng..jeng..*

Controlling your camera via wifi~ I wonder how far can a person be to take incognito shots :-P Need to try that out one day XD

 For cloud, it only works if you have a sky drive (by Microsoft) account. It's almost the same function as dropbox, where you can share & store files anytime, anywhere via links.
Again, this app can be found on android market for phones :-)

 Yep, like i said earlier. No more taking in and out your memory card just to transfer photos :-) With one click files get transferred wherever you want it to go ♥

That's all for today peeps! More exploring to do for now :-P 
Look out for my next blogpost (next week) as I discover more amazing features about this little guy.
Shall poison you guys :-P ohohoh~

Stay Tuned~

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  1. cool function! very useful can direct upload on phone to edit or post on insta.. =p

  2. Jean : I know right!! XD so now handphone camera can say bye bye already :-P


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