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Pimp your photos with WB150F

Hey guys! welcome back to my 2nd review for my baby, WB150F...Just to think of it i have not given her a name yet >.< yup, It's a "SHE" :-P
I think i should name her "SHIROKUMA" :-D it means polar bear!♥
Just because she is white~ lol :-P
If you have missed out the previous blogpost, you can read it HERE

Last week had been exciting as i explored more of Shiro-cyan's functions (◕‿◕✿)  Love her smart filters! She works exactly like a phone (expect there is no call and SMS functions lol) 

List of filters 
  • Live Panorama
  • Magic frame
  • Split shot
  • Picture in picture
  • Artistic Brush
  • Photo filter (my fav ♥)
  • Movie filter
  • Photo editor (the basic editing : brightness, contrast, saturation, there is also face retouch too :-P)

Here are a few photos I've taken using the filters ♥  

Just last week, i was thinking what can i use the Live Panorama for and so happened i was invited to Sasa's turf party :3 Managed to get a full length shot of the racers, this function is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
I remember earlier this semester during photography assignment one of the options were Panorama and i totally avoided that lol i don't have stable hands especially with a heavy DSLR!:-(
But with WB150F's Panorama function, making a mini panorama has never been so easy :-) 

*right click and view on new tab for full picture*

The most functions I usually use is the Photo filter (i usually pre-set them before shooting) you can also shoot the photos normally and filter them later using the photo editor :-)
They have really cool filters to play with, no editing needed on your computer anymore :D Just edit on the spot and upload (if there is wifi)

 Testing out the Fish eye effect on Frankenweenie ~ doesn't he look so "pika"(big eyed) right now? XD
Now who says you need specific lenses to achieve all these effects? :-P 

The Classic Black & white filter which makes everything looks like the 1960s! :D

"Cross Filter"
The best results for this filter is when taken during daylight (the more glossier the surface of your subject) the more "kira kira" (shiny) it would be :D So now you can smile like those toothpaste advertisements! Your teeth will definitely have the same effect as them! 
No need to Photoshop the fake star on your teeth lol~ ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

Testing out Vignette on my rip off McCafe Mocha lol 

This filter is the Cartoon filter (makes everything look like Andy warhol's pop art XD)

Moving on to the Magic Frame, they have quite a few cute frames to choose from (you need to pre-set the frame you want before taking the picture)

Ika-chan's dream came true!! :D He is finally the moon~ lol

 Ohoho~ based on this picture i'm sure you guys already know what i'm gonna do for my next make up tutorial :-P This is an example of "Split shot" you need to take two different kinds of photos in order to merge them together.

Lol a random photo of "Picture in picture" shot :-P 

The Artistic Brush shot comes in a video and a individual photo :-) 
pretty cool right?

Till my next blogpost on Shirokuma-chan!
Stay Tuned~♥
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If you guys have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment below, I'll try my best to answer them ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Thank you!



  1. can instagram? LOL anyway the editing part really cool!

  2. Henry : Hi! :D yep! you can connect this camera to your phone via wifi and it will automatically send the picture to your phone so you can instagram it :-)
    that is why i say they have very cool filter functions <3 I'm so loving it ~XD


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