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DIY Skull Shirt Tutorial

Inspired by Zara's skull shirt :-)

I did this simple "Revamping" on one of my plain working T-shirts (you can go creative by testing them out on other colors aside from white and black shirts too!) for Veet Malaysia's, VEET IT OFF COMPETITION

So I'm just sharing with you guys on how to DIY this shirt, with 3 simple steps :-)

  • scissors 
  • Plain shirt ( Can be T-shirt/ collared..etc. Over-sized ones are the best ♥)
  • Plain A3 art block paper
  • Pencil
  • Steady hands and loads of patience :-P
Let's start shall we? *winks* ;-)

Just a plain simple boring shirt with a random logo on it..eww =_=

STEP 1 :
Measure your desired length of the shirt and cut it (make sure to leave at least 2 inch from the initial length in case you screw up at least there is spare 2 inch to be cut :-D ) You can cut the collar and sleeve if you want too!

STEP 2 :
Roughly sketch out skull on a piece of A3 sized art block paper , you can put any other design you want too, no necessary it must be a skull lols, get creative girls! :-) This drawing will act as your stencil when you trace it on your shirt.

STEP 3 :
Cut the picture out and place it on the shirt to be traced, if you are really good at art by all means draw free hand, skip this step! :-) Then proceed with the cutting, this requires lots of patience and steady hands :-P 
Good luck babes!

Finished product ♥
Time to mix & match, and your ready to flaunt your proudly new "revamped" outfit : ) 
*Black long singlet from H&M, RM19.90

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  1. Oh that's how u did your cool lubang shirt!!! super nice thanks for the diy! I got lots of old white clothes i can use to cut cut for halloween!!

  2. Tammy : Thanks for commenting :3, hope i gave everyone a great idea to cut up their old boring T-Shirts! haha XD saves money too! :P

  3. Wow what a nice shirt design is that I just ordered some clothes from an online store that has great varaiety



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