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Subway Disappoinment

I've been holding in this feeling (till i feel like i wanna explode) for quite some time. So it's best i'll just let it out here :-/ 

Dear Subway Malaysia,

I would LOVE to express my HUGE disappointment in your service when it comes to "subway salads". Being a health conscious  freak, i've stopped eating Mcdonalds for almost a year so my other alternative for "fast food" is Subway. So you can label me as a loyal fan of Subway (since i don't eat McDonalds or any other fast food) 
Just recently I've decided to give your "Make it a Salad by topping up RM1" since what is there to loose? 

Naturally the idea we customers get is :

"Since they are not giving the bread, i assume by paying the extra RM1 i'll get (at least) a little more vegetables and meat serving "

When it comes?
The portion was so small, that i had to ask for extra lettuce (the idea is great that you don't charge extra for topping up on the greens)  and don't get me started with the meat portions!
They are extra kedekut with it :-/ what the heck? So the meat serving was so small (barely a scoop full)
Never felt so cheated my entire life!
Then why the heck would you even charge us extra when the portion is so measly?

I would not mention specifically which branch but in general ALL branches did the same thing. There are some who are generous with the serving though and i'm proud to say it's the Mid Valley branch ♥ not to mention the staff was at least friendly too!

I don't see the point of paying the extra RM1 (it's still money nonetheless) when the serving size is so pathetic! Unless you are charging us RM1 for the plastic bowl? Then might as well we bring our own tupperwares right? :-/

Okay, now about the staffs.

Yes i know i have alot to say (>_>) 
I noticed most branches around KL the staffs barely know what they are doing! Don't you like provide them with basic training before they start work?
Half the time queues are long because they don't even know how to fold a frigging WRAP!
And you guys should also teach them the standard amount of meat and vegetable servings they should put so at least the serving portions are consistent.
Makes me wonder why you guys even bother using the same type of scoop in every single outlet but none of them know how to use it properly :-/  

Last but not least,

I know it is a rare case for Malaysians to order Salads as their meals but please do not neglect that dish!
If not what is the point of offering that dish option when none of your staffs even know how to make them? (ಠ_ಠ)

We are paying slightly abit more than other fast food joints for a "healthier lifestyle" (though too much subway can't be too healthy too lol) So please do make it worth our money!

Thank you!

A very Unhappy

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