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Sally Hansen Insta Dri Review

Would like to thank Yuberactive for selecting me as one of the reviewers for Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polish :-) It's an real honor getting this product sent to me for testing~ See? It's not all that bad being a genuine pig lols :-P
I've always been a curious one, wanting to test out new products before i consider purchasing them in the future, and i hate being disappointed especially when i GOOGLE up the review of the particular product and people give it like full star ratings? Total rip off :-/ What's wrong with being honest? lol

P/s : I'm not the kind you wanna mess with when it comes to reviews, so therefore what you read here is my own personal opinion regarding the product.  

This product has been selling on the shelves for quite some time already :-) Just that it never crossed my mind to pick up one and try it out and as you guys know I've done a few reviews for Sally Hansen products in the past and not all of them are disappointing, in fact some of them are worth getting! :-)

Check out my past reviews here :

Now lemme start my review for Sally Hansen Insta Dri ♥  was uber excited when the parcel came for me :D
First of all I LOVE the color! The color i got for testing is 360- PRONTO PURPLE, to be honest I've never been a fan of dark colored nail polish because it makes my fingers look short and stubby (especially matte ones :-/) This purple has a hue of metallic shade and slightly glitter-ish. I'll recommend this color for those who wanna go goth for a day, instead of the usual boring black nails you girls should give this color a try :-)

This picture is taken under natural lighting. Purple ftw ♥

For base and top coat i used combo colors (bought from Sasa) together with Sally Hansen Insta Dri, about the bottle design i somewhat think the design and bottle size is ridiculously big and hard to grip. Not to mention the brush length! It is tad bit too long, so it is kinda hard to control the brush while painting :-/ ended up making a mess around the corners of my nails (so i spent the next 10 mins cleaning the edges with a cotton bud ~_~)

On their website they claim that :-

They claimed that all you need is one stroke and  one coat of nail polish it's enough. Seems too good to be true right? But NOT!! It took me 2 coats to get the color out properly and evenly :-/ Brush size is just nice to fit the whole nail but the stick is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long =_=  

How long does it take to dry?
Wait, I'm not done ranting yet lol, this is the best part  they say that it < DRIES IN 60 SECONDS> 
Pfffffffffffffftttttttttttt! My foot! LOL *rolls on floor laughing*
Guess how long did i have to wait for the first coat to dry before i put on the 2nd coat and final top coat? Total damage time spent (sampai i even dozed off) on my nails that night was like 30mins >_> No kidding. Waited really long just for my nails to completely dry!

Upper picture is the 2nd day, bottom picture is the 3rd day results

How long does it last?
About 1-2 days max even with top coat (unless you are saying my top coat is lousy quality la wtf lol) it starts chipping off really fast i might say :-/ 
Overall i was really disappointed with this product from Sally Hansen and based on their pricing i thought their quality would be much better than most nail polish brands out there. 

The only thing I would buy is for the color lol the shades are really nice!
This nail polish is available at your nearest Guardian Pharmacy, Watson's Personal Care Store and Sasa priced @  RM27.90
Worth giving it a try for the colors :-)

Oh how i love Instagram's filters 8D



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