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6th May 2013 : R.I.P Democracy

I went to sleep early yesterday after all the hype of the elections and eager people waiting for the official results. I've always scorned football lovers because I can never understand the excitement of them shooting goals lol but after seeing my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wall being flooded with nothing but #GE13 news I now know how it feels like. Sorry football lovers! I've misjudge you :-P

The anticipation really kills you especially when you don't know which news is the right one, imagine over 1000++ updates every 60 secs and all of them are different lol. I thought of staying up to finally witness a fair election but in the end I decided to just shut everything out at 12am and get some rest after the whole day of excitement (mentally, not physically) Praying and hoping to wake up to a fresh new rebirth Malaysia after all these years of growing up in this bigoted country.

Guess I was wrong...

I admit, I've been ignorant to all the politic topics and ongoing news about the elections because I have always despise politicians (corrupted bunch of people) and never in my entire life I've been so well informed about all these things until 2-3 days ago when the election hype was caving in. I told myself that I never want to be part of this mess when things gets ugly* anyway I'm also underage so as a kid, my duty is to stay out of adult's problems. But that doesn't give me the rights to be ignorant about my country and yet whine about it everyday.

*P/s : You know how social media works (-_-lll) It really comes back to haunt you one day so beware of what you post.

As a Malaysian student I've experience my fair share of troubles while applying for my tertiary education, I've been through all those shit that so I understand the woes of my seniors very well. The anger and hate harbored in us driving us to leave this country sooner or later, but by doing so I realized doesn't change a thing for our younger generation. The whole cycle is just going to repeat itself if we don't start somewhere but by starting somewhere I don't mean disrupting the peace by creating a BERSIH Riot on KL streets and my honest opinion about BERSIH supporters? 

I honestly admire your courage, dedication and....hate to say this but "stupidity" as well. Don't get me wrong! I ain't insulting you guys but I always think there is a better solution for this than a riot :-/ Hearing so many cases of people being beaten up, injured and captured like sewer rats, stop for awhile and clear your minds. We are not living in a primitive era anymore where there needs to be anymore bloodshed like our forefathers just for the country's freedom. Remember this "WORDS are more powerful than ACTIONS." 

I also understand when the public would start saying " Yeah! All talk and no action!" But that doesn't give you the rights to act like hooligans, you want a change? Then VOTE for a change!
It's never too late to realize your rightful duty as a Malaysian citizen, and I'm glad that I've finally woken up from my childish ignorance. We shall mourn 6th May 2013 as the death of Democracy but this is not the end, it might be another 5 years down the shit hole before the next election but by then hopefully the youths in my generation are ready to finally have our say as lawful citizens of MALAYSIA! 
God shall deliver us one day, all we need is perseverance and trust.

Our corrupted government can play his "blackout magic tricks" now but I would love to see how long can they keep up with it. They really crossed the line by bringing in immigrants and freely distributing I.Cs for them so they can help vote as well. Never in my entire life I've felt my safety jeopardize by taking public transport :-/ Imagine being surrounded by banglas 360° on an hour bus journey ride, I couldn't even take a picture of the situation because I was literally surrounded (front, back, left & right!) Now that you have disgustingly got what you wanted please send all these banglas to where they came from! TQVM.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cute short video from my talented Youtube friend, Dan Khoo! ;-)
Hope this helps brighten the gloomy Monday atmosphere abit~


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