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SpringTime with Pink N’ Proper [New Arrivals]

We've always seen nice UK branded dresses being worn and featured in Fashion magazines or online fashion portals but there is no way to get them unless you specifically go to UK lol, for a nice dress that step is rather extreme.

I blame Malaysia for being so retardedly slow when it comes to the Fashion scene (=_=) 
Alot of foreign brands are not available here because the tax cost which is ridiculously high for no apparent reason. And even if the brand managed to reach our shores, there is always bound to be limited designs..etc (alot of bullshit reasons given)

So there starts our woes for us fashionistas who just can't get enough of all these foreign branded clothes *sobs* That is where we go "I wish I wasn't living in Malaysia".
I'm aware of  some websites that offers agent services (similar to taobao) but heard shipping itself can cost a BOMB! @_@ Imagine the shipping costing more than the dress lol, if it was me I'll just go and sew instead.

Coming across Pink N Proper was by pure luck as I was browsing through local blogshop reviews like yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com, was indeed a great discovery because they don't sell "lala style" rip offs imitations but authentic branded clothes selected and brought in directly from UK by the owner herself! :-D 
Time for a slight introduction *drumrolls please*

Company Introduction 

Pink N Proper is founded in August of 2011. We are one of the only few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, ASOS, Vero Moda, Coco’s Fortune, Boohoo and many more. Our mission is to expose and introduce Malaysians to branded products that are not usually found in local retailers. We specialize in current fashion trends ranging from classy dinner dresses to casual work wear to formal meeting wears. We deliver worldwide.

Below here I'm featuring a few of their latest Spring/Summer 2013 Collection , yes this is just a few. There are more lovely clothes for you to choose from, you would definitely be spoilt for choices *Evil laughter* 
But don't have to thank me in advance for introducing such an awesome fashionable online shop to you girls *perasan* XD

And guess who is the familiar beautiful model featured in this collection? :-)
Familiar no?
None other than a famous Malaysian fashion blogger of mine Angeline from Average Angeline! I'm really envious of her gorgeous curves (look so healthy unlike skinny me >.<) she makes every single clothing she wears look so good! Born to be a model babe :-) 

Okay enough about me talking, slight introduction about Pink N' Proper's SS13 Collection :

It's all about the latest fashion trends and styles when you step into Pink N' Proper's fashionable website, and with this season's colorful collection it is going to tempt you even more (I kid you not!). Featuring pastels, florals, chiffons, edgy and delicate embellishments covers everything from sweet & dainty to edgy & stylish. 

Full collection available here : http://www.pinknproper.com/#!new-collection/c1mh5

Best part about Pink N’ Proper is they constantly have an ongoing sale! Not only that if you sig up as their member, you can even get their sale clothes with extra discounts on their special "Weekly  Wednesday Bargains". Last but not least you would get the privilege of being invited to Member’s Only Events, sales and previews.

How not to miss out on these awesome stuff? Just subscribe to them on their website : 

Don't forget their official Facebook page too !

Once I get my paycheck (hopefully soon lol) I might do a little shopping myself too :-P
I am a shameless shopaholic! Been eyeing this two lovely designs ever since I got the first sneak peak of their SS13 collection ♥

And since you girls are so awesome for supporting my blog, here is a special reward for you shopaholics who are eager to get your hands on these clothes *winks*.

Use my code "ARISA10" before you chekout to receive a 10% discount on your total bill! 
P/S : This code is valid till end of 2013, so shop to you hearts content dearies (~^.^~)


Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed this little temptation post of mine :-P
Have a extra bonus video of Pink N’ Proper SS13 Behind the scenes:



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