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Esse Organic Skincare Launch @ The Sompoton Spa

Last month I was invited to attend Esse's Official Media Conference (Night session) on behalf of The Butterfly Project together with the other bloggers and media at The Sompoton Spa in Hotel Istana.
Was actually wondering how to get there even though I had already googled the hotel's location but I did not realized it was THAT close to the monorail station, in fact it was just walking distance from Raja Chulan monorail station -_-lll /sweat. I have no idea why it always appears to far in map illustrations :-/
Or maybe it's just me who can't read maps lol oTL

Posh grand hotel with a luxurious spa that officially uses Esse skincare products to pamper their customers because Sompoton Spa branch manager believes that their customers deserves only the best natural organic products for their skin.

Esse hand cream used for the hand massage

Upon the media/guests arrival all of us were given the opportunity to experience a hand massage session before the conference started. I pretty much enjoyed the benefits of Esse hand cream because of the soothing smell and moisturizing properties because I have really dry skin especially my hands >.<

Guess it's like a trademark for every launching events to have their own customized designed cupcakes XD

Full display of Esse's skincare range 

A new era for professional skincare from the leaders in organic science

Certified organic by Ecocert France so customers are assured of clean, sustainable products. Esse also supports PhytoTrade Africa and the Fair Trade movement, which ensures that the ingredients and raw materials used are sourced and purchased from local co-operatives to uplift and empower rural communities. PhytoTrade also ensures that the wild populations of these plants are maintained. 

Esse products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colourants. All their products are packaged in glass for a more environment friendlier option instead of plastic bottles. Esse is also accredited by Beauty without Cruelty and as well endorsed by the Vegan Society.

MC welcoming the media and guest 

Started off with Sompoton Spa manager, Megan Tan with her opening speech.

Jaime Yap, Director of Esse sharing about her life long struggles with skin products as she has very sensitive skin till she was introduced to Esse products.

Manufactured in South Africa using unique anti-ageing active ingredients, wild-sourced from legendary African plants such as Baobab, Marula and Kalahari Melon, along with many other African plant extracts to help soothe and protect skin. These extracts are combined with cutting edge ingredients like Oleuropein and low molecular mass Hyaluronic Acid to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types too!

More information about the plants for easier understanding ;-)

  • Baobab Tree
Baobab is an exotic natural that tightens and tones the skin, moisturizes and encourages skin cell regeneration. Baobab trees (Adansonia digitata) are special and distinctive features of the African savanna. Full article here : http://bit.ly/11ZLkBvhttp://www.baobab.com/

  • Marula Tree
The fruit kernel from the marula tree produces Marula oil and this pure oil has long been used as a nourishing skin moisturiser by women in southern Africa. It has composition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which makes it a natural skin moisturizer. Full article here : http://bit.ly/ZDg9fJ

  • Kalahari Melon
Kalahari Melon has moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring properties, thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids (50 to 70% linoleic acid), which are not synthesized by the body. They contribute to the integrity of the cell wall and to the suppleness and beauty of the skin. It plays a role in regulation of hydration and restructuring of the epidermis. Full article here : http://bit.ly/13QG7Mp

Esther Ng from YourEsty.com sharing her testimonial about the spa session she had earlier.

From L-R: Edith Lam Director of Esse, Megan Tan from Sompoton Spa, Jaime Yap Director of Esse

More details about Esse Skincare products are available on their official website & facebook
Official Website : http://esse.co.za/
Facebook : ESSE Malaysia 

If you want to experience the miracle of Esse products, you can book yourself a spa reservation at Sompoton Spa in KL :-)

Facebook : The Sompoton Spa 

The Sompoton Spa, Istana Hotel
1B, East Wing, Istana Hotel, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 2148 8910, 2142 8910, 2141 9988 (Ext: 3129)


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