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Vanity Trove: Awesome Wholesome (May edition)

Been tied down with so much of work recently since the new semester started >.< Phew..looks like my schedule is going to get even busier now as my graduation fashion show draws nearer @_@ 
The whole 3 years literally just flew passed and I can't believe that I'm about to graduate soon lol felt like it was still my first year in college. When you are busy 24 hours a day is never enough, guess that is where i develop my mental sickness trying to juggle so many things on my plate /slaps self for being too over ambitious (=.=;;)

I know I'm kinda late to review this month's Vanity Trove box since I've collected it late from my mom's house, I apologize to my dear generous sponsor, Vanity Trove Malaysia for my delay! >.<
You guys have been so awesome by sponsoring me this monthly beauty troves, i feel so touched *sobs* Thank you so much Vanity Trove Malaysia!
Okay..I know I talk alot of nonsense and always tend to run away from my initial topic (sorry, bad habit lol) so I'm going to stop crap talking and start my review now :-P

My first impression upon un-boxing this month's trove was "WOAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I'm actually starting to I think that is my impression every single time I open Vanity trove's beauty boxes ♥ 
The theme this time seems strongly related to organic stuff, I guess the go green hype is doing a good job in creating awareness in the beauty industry. Time to go au naturel and be environment friendly for our beauty products ladies *winks* ;-)

Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum (50ml)
This full size serum is worth RM56

Vanity Trove is a beauty box that I can proudly say, It's really worth subscribing to since they have lowered the price to RM50 instead or the initial price RM60 :-) I also see a huge improvement since their first box and the products that comes inside the trove is worth every single cent! :-) I'm happy to highlight that this month's trove really blown me off my feet, 3 FULL SIZED PRODUCTS!

Ah!! My all time favorite product in travel size too! *squeals* 
Read about my testimonial here : http://bit.ly/109vXUp

3rd full sized item this month and have to admit this soap is superb! Love the calming smell and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with just one bath, the wonders of goat's milk ;-)

This is one fast skin absorbing grease free lotion, though the smell for this lotion somehow reminds me a little of mosquito repellent (lol no idea why) After using it for 2-3 days, my hands became noticeably smoother and less flaking skin. Loving the texture and formula of this organic fresh goat's milk lotion, it contains Rose oil and Rosella extracts that stimulates then skin cell renewal. Full size bottle (255ml) is sold at Skinlab for RM59. A lotion worth investing on for those with very terrible dry skin condition like me.

Lavender...the one smell that helps me forget all my stress and worries. The scent is heavenly and really soothes the mind when you are feeling very tense. Just drip a 2-3 drops in the water and a lighted  candle, soon you'll have this calming aroma fill up the whole room within seconds, always a fan of lavender scent because it's my mom's personal favorite flower and color lol guessed I got influenced from there :-P This oil's usage is multipurpose in fact- Can be used inhaled or applied on the skin, as an alternative treatment for infections, stress and other health problems. Can be added to a bath, diffuser, candles, perfumes, shampoo, soap.. etc.
Full sized bottle (5ml) is available @ RM50 (5ml should be able to last quite some time unless you use it on a daily basis) 

Now you see the worth of Vanity Trove, to experience the excitement yourself don't forget to subscribe for their July's trove ^.^
June edition has just ended, so now they are only taking orders for July.



  1. Gotta agree with u that they have been improving a lot since the first trove! Now can't wait for my next trove! :D


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