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[Review] Timeless Truth Functionality Masks

Bet everyone has noticed all the buzz about timeless Truth Facial Masks on Beauty blogs recently all thanks to The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers and Timeless Truth Malaysia for making their first ever biggest mask party review :-)

Just waiting for the right moment to post this hopefully I'm not too late! >.<  And my camera memory card had a little error (again =.=), so some of my earlier pictures taken were corrupted D: Noooooooooooooo! But thank god there are still some Instagram photos from my phone that can be used, though they might not be as clear but please do bear with me >.< Thank you! *bows*

My deepest apologies for the delay Suanne :-( I first got to know about TT Masks through Vanity Trove's March Edition. They had Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask which I love most because of the mask design :-P There is a place for you to hook it on to the back of your ears to prevent in from slipping off your face, I'm able to multitask like super women that way lol!

TT Masks are imported from Japan and manufactured in Taiwan

TT Masks was kind enough to send me their starter pack to review, comes in a very cute transparent bag too! :-) Thank you TT Mask and a certain glamorous kucing (you know who you are haha :-P)! 

P/S : For now please ignore the Pink packaged Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask, it's not part of the  Functionality Masks series.

As usual I'll start by saying I do not have a fixed skin care regime due to my busy schedule and even occasionally wearing face masks can sometime feel like a chore to me since I'm always exhausted from work, all I want to do is get more work done so that I can sleep at least a decent 4-5 hours. Bad for  my health and for my skin since I use so much of make up >.< It's true, due to my laziness it's starting to show up on my skin *sobs* time to put more care into my skin before it's too late!

Like their title, each mask is designed to cater to our specific beauty needs such as brightening, anti-aging, moisturizing...etc (long list to go lol perhaps never ending since TT masks are bursting with awesome skin benefits! XD)

Here is my personal review on each of the mask, it is odor friendly no particular special scent for this series which makes it quite suitable for those with sensitive nose.

The darker side is suppose to be facing towards your skin because that is where all the rich extracts are stored.

Lighter side facing outwards

The sole reason why I love TT Mask, all their mask comes with generous amount of rich serum that easily absorbs into the skin without any sticky feeling upon drying and the base ingredient is made using Hyaluronic acid for faster and more visible results with just one usage! Better not waste it so  rubbed it all over my neck and collarbone area ♥

The size of the mask is slightly big for my face because I have a very small face lol but on the bright side it completely covers my face and lower chin, it might be a perfect fit for those with bigger/longer faces. There are open lines at the corners of the mask for you to adjust the mask comfortably according to your facial features.

Function : Moisturizing, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Improve Elasticity
The impregnated pink powder contains negative ion which increase blood circulation where it relaxes facial tension, leading to the relaxation of facial muscles that contribute to lines and wrinkles.

The name of the mask already states it's function which is whitening and the black color part is made from Bamboo Charcoal Extract since charcoal is known for their high absorption properties. After using this mask my skin was noticeably much fairer or maybe because my skin has so much dirt that is why it's dark LOL.

Function : Treatment for Acne, Maintain Elasticity, Prevent Premature Aging, Skin Radiance
The mask helps reduced my acne's redness and I also noticed that it speeds up the healing process too!
I understand when our pimples are still fresh and raw they tend to hurt alot  especially when we try to apply any chemical (toner, moisturizer..etc), burns like hell lol. But this mask contains green tea tree extract so it's has natural soothing properties :-D

Function : Moisturizing, Reduces and Avoids Dark and Uneven Complexion, Prevent Acne
Hehe, I experimented with this mask by putting it in the fridge overnight and boy.....best cooling mask session EVER! My dull dry skin was instantly refreshed and moisturized, this is my favorite mask out of the whole collection!

Function : Anti-Aging, Smoothens Skin, Moisturizing
Yellow indicates “Immortelle”, which is another term used to describe an everlasting plant. It contains multiply collagen and improve micro-circulation that helps reduce signs of aging.

My conclusion :
Upon using all 5 masks on alternate days, my skin feels more supple and brighter. It's like all the heavy tension lines that I've gotten during STYLO two months ago instantly vanished, face muscles are more relaxed and my overall dull complexion improved :-)
For the first time I have actually fallen in love with a face mask! After doing this review and seeing such visible results, I feel more motivated to include face mask as part of my weekly pampering session. Can't wait to try out the Collagen Bio Cellulose Mask next~! (^.^)

The Functionality Mask starter pack is available for purchase over HERE (comes with a free bag too♥)

You can directly purchase from their official website : TT Mask Malaysia or at MaskSlim Outlets. The mask is affordably priced at RM10/pc.

Here are a list of MaskSlim Outlets :

1. Berjaya Times Square (KL): Level 03-20
2. SS2, PJ
3. Tropicana City Mall: Lot L1-01
4. Hartamas Shopping Centre: G-10A
5. Paradigm Mall: LG-65
6. Sunway Giza Mall: F.05(A), 1st Floor
7. Sunway Pyramid: F1.83, 1st Floor
8. KL Festival City: Lot S46, 2nd Floor

Remember to "LIKE' their Official Facebook page to be notified first hand on their upcoming sales and promotions : http://www.facebook.com/ttmaskMalaysia

Before I end my post in case you girls aren't aware yet, TT Mask will be at International Beauty Expo this weekend @ KLCC and they have awesome promotions going on too! :-D 
I'll be dropping by on IBE this weekend myself to stock up on my masks ~ *cheers*


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