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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Padini Special 3 Day Sale + My Impromptu Hauls!

I know most of my friends went shopping yesterday since it was a public holiday, imagine my whole facebook wall being spammed with their tempting bargain haul pictures lol
This was definitely an impromptu shopping and i didn't even know there was a sale going on till I passed the shop. 

Dropped by Mid Valley right after COD-ing at KL sentral and that was my first time 
walking from bangsar lrt al the way to MV! The distance wasn't too far and thank God for the cloudy weather :D
Thank you Reiko for telling me about the walking route to MV instead of waiting for the slow shuttle bus, really saved alot of time (and taxi fare too lol) *hugs*
Was actually going to Mid Valley for one purpose. FRESH FRUITS from Jusco. lol /kena piak
I know my area Wangsa Maju too has a Jusco but it is just so badly stocked and most of the fruits here are nearly rotting (eww,wtf) that shows how extreme I am just for fruits XD
But ended up with an extra unexpected expenditure for this week *pokai* Maybe I should really start picking up my freelancing jobs again aside from just blogging.

Bought  2 tops for RM79.90 because they were 50% :-) Original price is RM79.90 each!
Finally have some formal clothing in my closet, that shows how badly deprived I am of clothings lol. And with my size it's so difficult to get a suitable cutting for shirts and blazers, my height & broad shoulders is equivalent for a size S-M cutting but my body frame (bust, waist & hip) is a size XS (-_-lll) 
So it's a real bitch for me to shop for clothes these days..How i wish i could just grab the clothes off the shelves without queuing just to try them on lol. Lucky for those who don't get this problems :-P 

Loving the detailing on the collar :-D *sucker for laces*

Hallelujah for their size 6 cutting that fits me just perfectly! So happy ^.^

Visit your nearest Padini store today and better hurry because when I went yesterday sizes were already limited. With today being the 2nd day of sale + a weekend most size are expected to be gone before the 3rd day! :-P

And don't forget to drop by La Senza on the way because they are also having fabulous discounts! ♥
Yesh, my blog is tempting to make you guys poorer as well *evil laughter*


  1. wow. love the lace collar details! :)

    1. yep, go get one today before all the sizes run out dear~^^

  2. tomorrow go see Jusco 1U got fruits anot! Cis

    1. haha there got but depends on luck one :P MV is the most well stocked so far


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