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[J Pop Corner] Ishizawa Nachu Deka eyeliner Review

As promised girls, I know you are all excited to read this review about J Pop Corner's new range of cosmetics :-) Thank you so much for waiting patiently~ ♥ 
Previous blogpost I mentioned there will be 2 reviews, I'll start one by one k? 

Remember to read carefully and pay close attention because there is a lovely surprise waiting for you girls in my upcoming video blogpost in May *winks* ;-) Haha, this hint is a dead giveaway liao! :-P

See how puffy and dull looking my eyes are when naked? >.< 
Can't live without a good eyeliner! 

 Ishizawa is one of the current 3 existing brands to be carried in under J Pop Corner, though most of you are wondering when will it be available in stores for now Ishizawa's release is still yet to be confirmed but from what I heard it would be soon :-) But there are already some products available in the market especially in SaSa, it's just that you guys didn't know that particular brand was carried in by J Pop Corner lol. The brand I'm talking about is Eyemazing, their fake lashes range is available in Sasa stores ♥

 Ishizawa Nachu Deka eyeliner is available in 2 colors :
  • Navy Gray 
  • Deep Brown

I'm testing out the Navy Grey today :-D Looks pretty much like black to me at first glance but the color isn't as deep and sharp as black (Duh! Because it's Gray lol) which is suitable for people who is finding for a replacement "black" eyeliner  for everyday usage. 
Another reason why some people prefer to use brown eyeliner over black for their daily eye make up because the shade is more natural looking and it's doesn't look too harsh for a day time look but they tend to look waaaaaaaaaaaay too natural to the point it appears like the wearer isn't having on any eye liner at all (ಠ_ಠ)

I know not everyone want to have such intense looking eye make up especially on a daily basis that is why I think you would find Navy Gray a more suitable option compared to brown eyeliners ♥

The marker shape tip might look big upclose but I personally find the size is just nice for a simple one line application! 
I do not need to draw so many times to achieve the thickness I want and I can easily draw a thin line  because of the sharp sturdy tip (it's not the soft paint brush kind) It basically reminds me pretty much of a felt marker pen :-D

Took me like less than 5 secs to draw my eyeliner because the easy application felt tip!

I test draw on my hand and it only took less than 5 sec to dry! 
Fast drying approved!

Ever heard of an eyeliner that says Waterproof yet can be easily removed with warm water?
Boggles the mind doesn't it? :-P 
How the heck can it be waterproof yet at the same time removable with water? Here is how I'm going to reveal some Nachu Deka eyeliner magic girls!

 This eyeliner forms a polymer layer to protect the liner from smudging and to prove it I've sprayed with water, put it under the running tap and yet the eyeliner still hasn't run one bit :-)

It has high resistance to
  • Sebum
  • Tear
  • Perspiration 

I used a normal dry tissue to pat dry* and yet still no signs of eye liner running, smudging or fading.

*The reason why I pat dry instead of rubbing because logically crying while still having eye make up on, we pat dry our eyes instead of rubbing it real hard right? lol and the skin around your eye area is the thinnest on our face, so avoid rubbing your eyes to hard or the skin will start to sag :-P I'm not joking!

And here comes the best part!!! Don't be afraid of the color haha, it's after all Navy :-)
Using warm water to damp the tissue and a slight rub it easily comes off without much effort!
You don't need a special cleansing oil/make up remover for this  ♥

So conclusion this eyeliner has met all the characteristics of my approved ideal eyeliner:

☑ Waterproof
☑ Easy application
☑ Long lasting
☑ Smudge Free
☑ Pat dry = Long lasting without smudges
☑ Rub dry = Easy and fast removal

Used this the whole day and still no panda eyes!
You can now have "Nachu-ral" looking eyes with Nachu Deka eyeliner.

Next, coming up is my video post on Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelush Curler Mascara with a mini surprise (reminder) ;-)
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That's not all dearies :-) J Pop Corner will be bringing in more awesome cosmetics from Japan, so do support them by giving their official Malaysian Facebook page a "LIKE" & "SHARE"

Love you guys loads!! Thank you! *winks* ;-)



  1. Oooh, this eyeliner sounds interesting! :D I think I'd prefer the brown version though, hehe.

    1. I'll be doing a giveaway for the brown eyeliner soon~~ *aiyak* cat's out of the bag dy


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