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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Spa Party, Here I Come!

I know I'm pretty late in submitting my entry for the Spa Party but better late than never :-P

I'm all geared up for a relaxing session 

I'm gonna be totally random for this blogpost lol so if you can't stand my randomness I would suggest closing this tab before you flip your laptops lol

I know my entry isn't as creative as the other girls (I salute you girls who put in so much of effort in your posts wei oTL) but hopefully I can score myself a "birthday treat" by getting an invitation to this Spa party.
Tammy, you are too awesome at organizing events already, next we bunk at your place and have sleepover party okay? XD *kena shot*

My reaction for the past one month since Tammy first announced the Spa Party XD

1st Reason :

Ever since I got more actively involved with The Butterfly Project, I've finally gotten to meet alot of bloggers whom I previously only met online and got to know them a lil more better :-) 
Though I know i rarely talk much during events because I'm too busy snapping pictures hopefully this relaxing spa session we can get to spend a longer girlfriend time with each other :-D
Let's build an army of WOMEN BLOGGERS to dominate the blogging world *Mad scientist laugh*
Tammy, I nominate you as our army commander *kena shot again* XD

2nd Reason :

Let me start about my life story so please bear with my crap blogging and bullshits XD lol wtf.

College ..Blog..Work...Stress


                              College...Blog.. Work...Stress

                                           College... Blog.. Work...Visit Mom

                                                         College...Blog.. Work...Stress

                                                                        College...Blog.. Work...Church

That concludes the story of my Life(;¬_¬)

The word "SPA" first thing everyone would think off is "RELAXATION" (=w=)b 

That is a word I haven't heard/ experience for such a long time (aside from my foot spa at Vila Manja 2 months ago XD) I'm always busy, sounds like my life is dull and boring in fact IT IS!! *pulls hair*

My reaction every single day lol

Well those who knows me would just shake their heads and for those who think my life is so "glamourous" think again lol I'm just an ordinary girl with daily problems as well.

It came to the point where...

So now you know my how pathetic and forever alone my life is LOL
Can I have an invite? *puppy eyes* (´∀`)♡ :-D lol /shameless

3rd Reason :

I honestly ran out of ideas lol wtf, but don't say I didn't warn ya :-D

*Just kidding lah ~* XD

Good luck everyone, hope to see you girls on the 29th June ^.^ ( if I'm lucky lol)
Thank you The Butterfly Project (especially mama-san, Tammy) for your all your efforts and dedication in building this community of beauty bloggers, let us all help in any way we can to ease your burden k? Just let us know how :-)

Opps! Almost forgot to include the awesome collaborators for the Spa Party! ^_^
Because of them we can get to experience this once in a lifetime pampering session. Thank you everyone *bows*

Posh! Nail Spa, bridal showers & parties

catering by Idea Food Solution (IFS)

fotobox for weddings & events

Farah Tres Chic next top party planner

The Body Shop Malaysia our fave vegetarian

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S® for softer lovelier skin

Pink N' Proper the trendiest items from UK

TT Mask Malaysia from France, then Taiwan & now Msia!

OnlyBeauty freebies to your doorstep



  1. it's creative what!! see you at spa party!! asuming Tammy will invite both of us!! LOL

    1. Hahah! I'm totally random XD this meme is a last minute thing XD

  2. haha.. cute la all the meme.. i dunno what to write.. now i see most of u join, i feel like i must join too.. huhuhuhu...

    1. Go faster blog about it XDD I have no idea what to write for Havaianas T.T

  3. I like the overly attached girlfriend meme HAHAHAHAHA :p

    1. Hahah thanks! :) hope we get to see each other on the 29th!

  4. So creative n fun to read :) good job!

    1. thanks Illy^^ but still cant compare to all the other girls entry


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