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Bag of Love Unzipping Tea Party with Delectable Su

This post is so gonna make you guys drool all over your keyboards :-P eheheh~ So an advance apology from my before i continue typing any further lol.
Would like to say a BIG HUMONGOUS Thank You to the Butterfly Project for organizing this awesome tea party :-)
Thank you for all the hard work Tammy (founder or The Butterfly Project)! *big fat hugs* and not forgetting our dear generous sponsors that made all these possible  Bag of Love and Delectable by Su ♥♥

Yes, a very sweet themed edible decoration to match the tea party :-)

Upon arriving, a heavenly sight of goodies greeted us (and it wasn't even lunch time yet :-P) tsk tsk..we snack on sweet stuff before lunch. Specially decorated and prepared by Su.
First rule of a blogger, must take loaaaaaaads of the food pictures dulu before attacking the food lol . At first all of us didn't have the heart to destroy such a lovely food set up in the end slowly one by one started helping themselves to the pile of heavenly desserts :-P 

Muffins (¯﹃¯)

Doesn't these customized icing muffins look lovely? Yes, they are all edible but feels like a waste to destroy such a lovely creation T^T In the end brought back home to eat, but it got crushed during the journey *sobs* lol well..at least I didn't feel so bad eating a crushed muffin compared to when it still looked perfect :-P /slaps self. 

And these are the most awesome muffins ever!! My mom and siblings couldn't agree more (shared 2 muffins among 5 of us lol) had a hard time deciding which flavor base was the best, since I took one of each flavor home to try -Vanilla and Chocolate. 

I remember my first encounter with Delectable's first outlet in Gardens Mid Valley, think it was a year or 2 ago and by just passing by their window display i could smell the sweet pastry aroma of their shop. But what caught my attention was the shop's unique concept design and decorations :-D

Excited bloggers waiting for the opening speech by Mimi and Tammy.

This is delectable's teatime specialty, serving portion is available in single (RM15 each head) or double (RM28 for 2)

Felt really honored getting to be part of the first batch of bloggers to receive this month's Bag of Love and in an official unzipping ceremony. Thank you Butterfly project for this wonderful opportunity! :-) Getting to meet new friends and to share our a passion in beauty together that is something I cherish most in my beloved blogging hobby!

Kyaaaaaaaa!!! After unzipping our bags all of us couldn't help squealing with delight, doesn't this makes every girl happy? Contouring brush in full size! 

Bag of Love just got me tempted into subscribing on their monthly bags now :-P 
What makes them unique is their packaging unlike the usual ones that comes in beauty boxes, Bag of Love actually customized their bag designs. Plus not only you get the products but also a trendy reusable bag :-D This month's theme is Going Green, hence the environment friendly bag. By just looking at all the branded products that comes in the beauty bag is definitely worth more than RM100+ but Bag of Love makes everything affordable, they are only priced at RM39.90 (a month)!

Will be reviewing my awesome stuff soon :-D 
May's edition is now available at www.bag-of-love.com. Get them before they are all gone! *winks* ;-)
Official Facebook page : Bag of Love

Official cake cutting ceremony

Cats lovesssss chocolates too!

For once I wish i was that small so i could be the one posing with all the yummy treats lol :-P

Pusheen in dessertland :D
Pusheen is experiencing what Alice has when she shrunk lol

Mini versions of 7 sins of chocolate, imagine eating a cake upside down lol. 

Chibi Pusheen enjoying his giant macaroon and tea like a sir lol
Thanks Chibineko for allowing me to molest your pusheen ♥ :D weeeee~

The Delectable teatime menu and it's available everyday due to popular demand! It's really worth it because the pastries here taste sooooo good, plus you get to feast your eyes on all the yummy decorations around you while enjoying your cup of tea :-D

Miniature chocolate fruit tarts ish LOVEEEEE! Mixture of sweet and sour with every bite :3

With Founder of Bag of Love, Mimi

Lol cute moments of Mimi approving which photos of her can be uploaded, don't worry Mimi! You look great in every photo, I envy your luscious black locks T^T look so healthy unlike my head full of dead dried grass lol. 

Yes, a tower of goodiesssssssss! *Noms noms*

Make sure to drop by Delectable to try out their teatime set! :-)
Or if you have any enquries, please do not hesitate to contact them.

List of Outlets
Delectably by Su: Level 2 (next to Robinsons) S213 The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City, KL.
Delectable Treats: LG K 25 B (in front of Cold Storage), The Gardens Mall.
Delectable Treats: Level 6 (next to Times bookstore) P6.03.00 Pavilion Mall, KL.
Delectable Treats: LG-72 (next to Tesco), Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.

Phone : 012-508 1855
Email : su@delectable.com.my
Website : http://www.delectabletreats.com.my/ & http://delectable.com.my/


  1. I know!! <3 Jaslyn has the whole collection, smallest to the biggest XD

  2. Pusheen cat is so cute! Love their website too :D

  3. omg those muffins so cuteee! who willing to eat laaa. TT

    1. I know!! hahah, that is why I ate it only after it got crushed on the journey home lol


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