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Kérastase Initialiste Blogger's Pampering Session

Earlier last month I received an invitation by L'Oreal team for Kérastase Initialiste Blogger's Pampering Session all thanks to Tammy! :-)

It was a fun, eye opening and knowledgeable personal session with the L’Oréal team,  I have no regrets turning down other stuff that day just to attend this session ♥. I also didn't expect us to be the guinea pig subject of the day too lol :-P Explains why the initial location for this session changed from an office to a posh looking saloon in 1 Utama. Thanks Reiko dear for the lift ;-)

The saloon that hosted our morning session, Razor Edge. The hairstylist there are pretty friendly and not to mention pro at giving a good hair wash too! :-)  

Our early morning session was greeted by yummy pastries and awesome decorations, prepared with all the hard efforts of the l'oreal team which i didn't managed to get a clear shot thanks to my sensitive Note II phone :-/ Darn! Such a waste T__T Lol feeding the camera instead of our tummies :-P

Started off with a brief introduction about Kérastase Initialiste by Nicole.

We were brought into a room that was so nicely decorated with personalized labeled seats to experience Kérastase Initialiste :-D Felt so privileged getting to experience a hair pampering session that was fit for a king (or queen :-P) in a posh saloon!

Instead of the usual paper for viewing purposes guess what's in front of me? Lol. 
An Ipad
This is what i call "LEVEL UP" not upgrade XD

See what I mean by "personalized labeled seats"? 
Thank you so much L’Oréal team for making this session a memorable one :-)

This is a pretty cool and advance way to explain things! Haha~
Everything that was going to be explain and shared during the session was pre-loaded into the I-pad for easy viewing, a good way to save paper too.

Anderson, the Education Executive of Kérastase sharing with us in detailed about Initialiste's history, functions and also real life proven testimonials among the L’Oréal marketing team. 

L’Oréal's advanced research were put to the test for 24 years on a native plant cells of the Malus Domestic of which the extracts is now the main key of  Kérastase Initialiste’s Complexe Régénérateur®
Believe it or not, this whole entire amazing hair elixir started off from a plant cell called "Malus domestica", if you are a bio student I think you would be pretty familiar with that scientific term :-P Malus domestica is the scientific term for "Apple".
Pretty LOL right? Something so simple sounding yet given such a bombastic name XD 

Well good to know at least that 24 years worth of research is successful and finally ends up in a sophisticated Gold colored glass bottle ♥

How does Kérastase Initialiste work?

It is true when they say the best way to treat hair problems starts by treating from the within, which means the skin layer of our head the scalp. 
This miracle elixir is proven to transform your hair in 7 days. Designed to target and restore back the hair woes of every men and women. 
  • Strengthening of hair follicles for lesser hair breakage and hair loss
  • Softer and manageable locks
  • Restoring back the hair's original shine. 
And when I say original shine means the original baby hair shine you used to have before any disastrous chemical damages (hair dye) lol Pretty cool eh?  After hearing all those I couldn't wait to see the real thing for myself :-P

We were told to test it out the serum first on the back of our hand to see for ourselves how effective and fast the absorption on skin is 

Yes a picture before the treatment, I don't usually use a hair dryer on my my hair after a wash unless I'm in a hurry and this is my hair condition after not washing for 1 day >.< Instead of looking greasy like a normal person's hair mine is like "rumput kering"* (T▽T)
My hair wash regime is wash on alternate days due to my busy schedule but it also mostly depends on the activities I do. Like I swim and go to the gym on a regular basis so there is a period where I constantly have to wash >.< 
Conclusion : Wash when needed lol

All of us were busy cam-whoring throughout the whole hair wash session :-P I couldn't resists compressing mine into a GIF file because there are so many pictures to upload one by one, at least this is a simplified way to show the process from washing to rinsing and finally towel drying.

A random photo taken after our awesome hair wash, but the fun barely started yet! Sorry for making so many duck faces TT___TT just realized there are so many! /slaps self

My hairstylist only squeezed the tip of the of the pipette once for my whole head you don't need to apply too much of the serum but there is a dosage for different hair types   :-) Oh, forgot to mention that my hair was first pre-towel dried before this product testing process. She carefully sectioned my scalp targeting 4 major areas of the head before applying the serum directly on my scalp and briefly massaging it.

The hair drying process was only a quick one, she didn't even do much brush/comb my hair much in this process.

End result. Amazing right? (´⊙ω⊙`)!
No filter, just watermark, I'm pretty impressed with the results!
Never in my entire life my hair look so..so..ALIVE (」゜ロ゜)」I seriously can't remember when was the last time I've seen my hair this shiny, it has always been super dry and dead >.< 

All this with just a single hair wash, towel dry, simple towel dry, few drops of serum + brief massaging and a quick blow drying without much brushing! 

From far left : Sharon, Tammy, Me and Reiko
We totally felt like Queens of the day from the time we stepped into the salon to the time we left.
All the Amoi Cantekkk of the day posing with Kérastase Initialiste and it's magical key ingredient :-P Can you spot it which is the Magic key?

For more details on Initialiste or if you guys are interested in making an appointment with Kérastase's consultants, you can check out their official website for the nearest saloon:-)

Official Facebook page: Kérastase Malaysia



  1. did you try this for 7 days or just for that one time visit? i've been dyeing my hair and now it's so damage and fragile i'm scared to even touch my hair. i bought this product too but i was wondering if they can help restore the strength of my hair for real..

    1. yes i tried it for 7 days :)
      It does fix back your damaged hair after long constant usage.


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