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Unzipping Bag Of Love : June Edition Review

Look what arrived in the mail last weekend (‘∀’●)♡ The 3rd edition of Bag of Love (BOL) that Mimi promised to send during the Tea party at Delectable Su!!
Because of all you awesome ladies out there who supported Bag of Love ever since they launched their first beauty bag 3 months ago, BOL continues to surprise us with more lovely surprise in our monthly special designed beauty bags (not boxes, that is why they are unique).

When my dad first passed me the parcel, i was already guessing what's inside it because I saw most of my girlfriends have already posted up pictures of their freshly delivered BOL parcels, which made me even more excited lol wtf.

I brought it out with me to my study session at 1Utama with my sis, as usual ol'itchy hands me couldn't wait till I'm home before ripping the parcel open :-P
The sight that greeted me upon unzipping this well designed high quality bag really took my breath away (and distracted me from my work hehe)
But I stopped myself there.. wanted to save the surprise for a video blogpost (initial planned that failed just to my busy schedule) So ended up I'm back to boring old blogpost style T_T *sobs* Sorry guys!

I know I've said it before, but i just can't help saying that this beauty bag is WORTH SUBSCRIBING to compared to alot of other beauty boxes out there :-)
The surprises you get monthly is definitely worth more than the monthly subscription fee itself and RM39.90 is not much because a plate of Tony Roma's steak is already close to RM30 and that you can gobble down in less than 20 mins, out your arse the next day (or same day lol). While the amount of stuff you get in this bag gives you an opportunity to test out brand new products that you've been dying to get yet can't afford, especially students :-)
The founder of Bag of Love, Mimi has really done a great job with this and I applaud her for all her hard efforts and determination as she continues to do what i she is good at, inventing "Bag of Love".

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The goodies for this month's Bag of Love ♥

Mimi took extra precaution with liquid based products this time after last month's eco-friendly bag where apparently one of the products leaked during the courier process >< Now not only it's bubbled wrapped but it's also stored inside a sealed plastic bag!  

Kerastase is a well known expert hair care brand in the market, trusted and used by many renowned hair salons. I'm also currently using this brand for my shampoo because the L'Oréal scalp specialist recommended a specialised Kerastase for my sensitive scalp (yet to blog about that eye opening experience I had at Centro Privé, KLCC very posh place until I nearly fainted upon arriving lol). It's not advisable for me to test out other shampoos until my next hair consultation but the shampoo smells awesome though! Can't wait to test it out though *itchy hands*

I remember this hair capsules very well thanks to Tammy who previously blogged about one of the beauty magazines that was giving them out but limited stocks T_T Guessed I was slow as usual so that edition ran out of stock. Elizabeth Arden are one of those prestigious brands that I can never afford, imagine finding this hair capsules (it's something like a hair serum, leaves your dry feeling super silky smooth) in Bag of Love! That is why I constantly say that this bag is worth subscribing to and I'm saying this out of my own honest opinion k? No bribery involved, I definitely can't wait for next month's bag!♥

Calvin Klein's classic 1990s Eternity collection in sample size together with a 43% discount voucher! Though sadly I have no use for CK Men fragrance unless it's a from the women range :-P
Those who want the voucher, feel free to drop me an email : arisa1443@gmail.com
*first come, first serve*

My most favourite item for this month's bag ♥ Cabtree & Evelyn full sized hand lotion!  Why I love this brand? The smell is heavenly and keeps my dry hands moisturised throughout the whole day.  Furthermore the size is convenient enough to carry around in my bag wherever I go.
And BOL generously included a 20% voucher, can't wait to use it on my next hand cream purchase :-D

This body wash surprised me the most XD the size especially! I'm amazed on how it managed to fit inside the beauty bag! This month's BOL feels like a complete pampering therapy set because it has everything from head to toe! You can just buy one and reserve it as an emergency travelling set for last minute packing, saves alot of time XD

Free manicure voucher from Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
They are also conducting a special promotion for first timers, you can choose between a free express manicure or massage (valid only on Wednesdays)

My evaluation for this month's bag:
The products are carefully selected to cover from head to toe♥ Every girl deserves to look her best and no one else knows it better other than the founder herself, Mimi :-) Thank you for sharing your passion and beauty knowledge through Bag of Love.
This month's edition is already out so get your bag today before they run out of stock! :-P
Get June's edition here : http://www.bag-of-love.com/subscribe.html (Or if you want i can personally get them for you (COD) ^^ Just drop me an email)

Make sure to follow them closely for more exciting montly surprises (and giveaways too!)
Website : www.bag-of-love.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bag-of-Love/513019618721315?fref=ts
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@BagofLov3
Instagram : http://instagram.com/BagofLov3



  1. I focus more on your bunny earring <3 kyaaaaaaaaa

    1. HAHAHAH! Too distracting dy XD lol

    2. Have no other choice :( The bunny is too cute and it's trying to say HELLO! Where did you get that?

    3. LOL! XD bought last year at an event..can't remember the shop name liao >.< the sell lots of cute accessories! hopefully i still have their namecard XD *piak*

  2. i like the last photo! elegant, with touch of cuteness (the earring!)?
    sob didn't get this bag cox din go tea party>.<
    the hand cream i love!

    1. hehe i think the earring become the main focus instead of the bag dy XDDD


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