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CHARRIOL's 30th Year Anniversary

Woah..time to clear off backlogs a.s.a.p! @_@ More work is pouring in and my laptop has been working about 168 hours non stop (1 week without shutting down >.<)  I'm sorry for abusing you dear laptop, please stay by me and don't die! *sayang*

Taken via Note 2

Time to share with you guys about my short Singapore trip that I've been spamming in my instagram 3 weeks ago :-P
I was one of the few local bloggers from Malaysia that received such a prestigious invitation to attend Charriol's 30 Years Anniversary Celebration down in Singapore. I felt so overwhelmed when i first received the email, because I'm no Cheesie or AshOhTonic (famous local bloggers) and to be receiving such an invitation was really something new for me :-)  
In conjunction of the celebration, this lavish showcase was held in Tudor Ballroom in Goodwood Park Hotel, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Models are seen modelling with Charriol's latest collection 

CHARRIOL is a successful and renowned global  brand that specializes in fine Swiss timepieces, jewellery, and accessories. The brand  was founded in Geneva, Switzerland the year 1983 by Philippe Charriol.
The brand name CHARRIOL is not foreign to us Malaysians, in fact our country is considered one of the focal markets that has high potential for the brands's foundation near future. They currently have one CHARRIOL flagship boutique which is located in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

Greetings from Malaysia: Fish and I :-D
Both of us travelled down to Singapore together with a group of Malaysian Medias. It's been ages since I last went to Singapore (I think the last time was in 2007? XD) 

“Everything we do at CHARRIOL is conceived in the same spirit, that of the ‘art of living differently’ (L’art de vivre la difference)
The founder of CHARRIOL, Mr. Philippe Charriol
Photo credits to Fish 
I think it's time for me to get a replacement DSLR =_= All my photos taken via compact camera turn out too dark and blurry D:

His first maiden collection that was borned in 1983 : "The Celtic Collection" was made using gold/steel cables and the designs were solely inspired by Celtic culture because Philippe Charriol is known to be a devotee of art and history. He was the first to come out with that brilliant idea of materializing a whole collection using gold and steel cables that closely resembles Celtic culture. Which his company now proudly utilizes it as their signature material for their collection and  hold exclusive worldwide rights over it.

He is a man that clearly expresses his one true passion through his masterpiece and with every detailed crafting the designs are revolved around his customers lifestyle as well.

St Tropez Classic Watch

Even though Charriol is now an international luxury brand, Charriol  also proudly remains a grounded family-run business. The company is still led by Philippe Charriol himself  for the past 30 decades together with his wife, Marie-Olga Charriol with their children who now holds the family company responsibility as Creative Director (daughter, Coralie Charriol-Paul) and Visual Director (son, Alexandre Charriol) 

Most of the latest collection from Charriol was displayed during event.
The designs displayed here are particularly catered for women.

For Her
 Left: AEL Lady Watch Black Ceramic 
Middle: AEL Lady Watch White Ceramic 
Right : ST. Tropez Plum

For Him
Left : Celtic XL Automatic Black
Middle :  Celtic XL Automatic Silver
Right : GRAN CELTICA Chrono

Displayed here are the rings from (Far left): Double Eight, Tiger and Paisley 

CHARRIOL's signature stainless steel cables can be still seen till today as the base foundation design of their fine timepieces, jewellery, and accessories.
Aren't they all just gorgeous? ♥ I personally like Double Eight the most because it somewhat resembles  2 fish lovers tied to each other :-P

Men's accessories from The Celtic Collection.

Here is some clearer pictures of the jewellery (no thanks to my cacat camera =_=)
*Right click, open in new tab for full picture*

Charriol isn't limited to just producing luxury timepieces and fine jewellery, they also have a vast collection of fragrance, writing instruments, sunglasses and leather goods such as handbags and belts for both men and women.

Getting to meet the founder, mastermind & artist of CHARRIOL was indeed an opportunity of a lifetime! 

Not forgetting his charming son, Alexandre who is the visual director of Charriol.
On his free time when he isn't directing Alexandre also contributes to Charriol's timepieces designs, imagine a whole family of artist! Runs in the genes alright.

Far left : Vanessa, Me, Christina and Fish 
Got to meet some Singaporean Bloggers during the event, nice meeting you girls! :-)

(Left) Pretty Sara from Jewelpie.com and I

The world is getting smaller and smaller! Met Sara was also part of the Malaysian media group that was invited down to Singapore. She is the founder of Jewelpie.com, a home and lifestyle E-magazine website that I've stumbled acrossed a week before this event while browsing for healthy breakfast recipes XD 

Last group picture before the event officially ended.
Mr Charriol and his son Alexandre posing together with their models.
Thank you so much Charriol for the fully sponsored trip, I'm glad that I'm able to be part of this joyous celebration. 
May your company continue to grow and prosper for many more decades to come :-)

Fun random photo before leaving the event hall XD
Couldn't resists doing this pose because each Charriol piece displayed in there would cost me more than a year worth of savings lol. Hence the shock expression :-P
Thanks Fish for helping me take this photo!

CHARRIOL Flagship Boutique

Adorn Floor
Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 018-6050220
Fax: 018-6050221
Website: www.charriol.com
Email: CKL@mirarlink.com.sg

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily


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