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MagicColor Lens Review: Sparkling Brown

First time for me to do contact lens review because I'm not gifted with big huge dolly eyes like those contact lens catalogue models :-P
I'm just an average mata sepet chinese girl who uses double eyelid stickers to enhance the size of her eyes lol I'm fake and I know that XD

No, this lenses are not sponsored by MagicColor.com, it was bought during a clearance stock sale promotion a few months ago and the surprising thing is the expiry date is 2 years from now (2015) :-)
Got them at a reasonable price, RM25 a pair when the original price was RM40+ (If I'm not mistaken)
This brand has been around for quite some time and i first got to know about this brand through Tammy from Plusizekitten.com. Thanks to her, I've got to know alot of awesome stuff about beauty she is indeed our mama-san!  :3 

It's 100% safe and licensed cosmetic lenses from Korea. 

Most of the time I got questioned alot regarding what kind of lens/brand I am wearing for my cosplay,  photoshoots, blog reviews..etc.
There are currently so many kinds of contact lens brand selling at competitive prices online but makes one doubts its authenticity :-/ Like those RM10 per pair you see selling at pasar malams, God knows where does lenses originated from @_@
It's cheap but your eyes is one of the organs that are exposed, you have nothing to protect it and imagine taking a huge risk like that for RM10 lenses isn't worth the eyesight damage.

It comes in a blister pack like those lenses you normally get from optical shops instead of those glass bottles sold online/pasar malam.

So just want to share with my dear readers about Magic Color lens, a certified and trustable brand from Korea like Geo (another brand of my favs)
They have quite a huge variety of designs/colors to choose from and trust me, I had a hard time choosing them because they all look so nice! *fickle*

Today I'm going to review Magic color Sparkling Series
Color: Brown
Diameter: 16mm (enlarging effect)

Water content: 55%
Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner : Kiss Me

The color is super vibrant and obvious under normal outdoor/indoor lighting so if you are looking for obvious colored lenses for daily usage, I would recommend this brand.

It's surprisingly comfortable for a colored contact lens, I could wear them the whole day without any irritation or discomfort :-) 
Didn't really need to use any eye drops because the lenses didn't dry up like those normal colored lenses i use for cosplay.
My daily contact lens usage is up to 8-10 hours, I know it's unhealthy for my eyes but sorry for being so blind and vain *slaps self*

Indoors, the color is slightly darker which makes it look more like brown than outdoors lol. 

But i personally find the diameter of the lens abit tad too big for me >.< I know you girls like the enlarging effect but somehow it makes me look like an alien lol. My eyes are too small *sobs* the only time I look normal are those enlarging lenses with the diameter of 14mm. 

Even with the lenses huge 16mm diameter, application is not a problem for small eyed people like me :-P Could easily put it on and remove within seconds.
The texture of the lens is soft so it fits into your eye quite easily but not too soft like those monthly disposable that tear quite easily =_=
I remember those days when Korean cosmetic lenses didn't exists, the price of normal monthly contact lenses is enough to kill you.  

With natural lighting.
The color looks like gold-ish instead of brown to me XD haha~ 
Do I look like a cat now? V(=^・ω・^=)v *meow*

Just a few more colors that I've gotten ;-) Can't wait to try them out as well *w*

Was told by the seller this lenses is actually made for 1 year usage with proper caring but any normal person would know that is kinda risky. I mean.. how clean can you be? lol
Recommended to change 3 months once or monthly even though they say 1 year usage life, just for hygiene purposes.

I'm gonna rate the contact lenses comfort level from the lowest : 1(most uncomfortable) to highest: 10 (super comfortable)

Comfort Level :

You can purchase them on their website : www.magiccolour-lens.com

Don't forget to subscribe to them for awesome promotion deals! :-D 
They will notify you via email.

Photos are all taken using Samsung Galaxy S4 :D



  1. Comfort level 10? I heard from others too. I really should try this...

    1. I'll give it 8/10 for comfort level :) 10/10 means i barely can feel anything there XD haha!
      It's still one of the most comfortable 16mm lens that i've tried so far :D

  2. wow! look stunning@ :D

  3. Sorry but now that I tried so many shops I really prefer products from Solution-lens as they only have genuine items and they offer 1 free pair for every order of 2 pairs, I
    loooove them so much hahaha !!!

    1. you mean this website? : http://www.solution-lens.com/


  4. I love your eyes *v* It's really pretty <3
    Anyway, have you ever tried another lenses which has diameter 15++ and which one do you think are recommended? :D Actually I'm searching for new lenses but I have small eyes, so I'm a little bit scared.

    1. Hi Yukari :)
      Thank you! Love your cute DP as well, the wig color suits you^^ 16mm is the biggest I've tried so far, i didn't have any problems wearing smaller ones like 14-15mm :)
      These lenses I'm using is soft and comfortable unlike ifairy lenses that are 16mm but i have difficulties wearing them because my eyes are small >.<
      Hope this is helpful :)


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