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L'Oreal Purelogy Launch @ Publika

Ever given your weekly/monthly hair pampering session in your favorite salon a thought about what happens to all that contaminated water after it is used to wash or dye our hair?
Time to wake up boys and girls! 

We are indeed one of the more fortunate countries that has proper clean water supply compared to places that are still struggling to get a drop of clean water like Africa.
Yet we still waste this precious source everyday without realising, that is human nature.. you won't know how to appreciate the good things in life until it has been stripped away.

That is why L'Oreal is playing their part in preserving mother nature's gift by launching a new formulated hair care range that is environmental friendly and free of any chemical substance that are usually found in our normal hair products.

Pure and clean. Just like their name - PURELOGY 

The unique design on the Limited Edition packaging is a compilation of drawings done by school children of Makango School in Northern Ghana.

Less than a month ago, L'Oreal has relaunched Purelogy's new limited edition packaging in conjunction of 2013's globally recognized World Water Day "The Save Water. Give Water" campaign.

Purelogy's new limited edition look is one of the fund-raising projects that Purelogy has pledge to the Green Cross International's clean water programs and other approved local initiatives with every bottle from this collection sold, 1 Euro will be donated to Green Cross International (GCI).

The smell is 100% natural and heavenly, just one sniff I already feel like I'm in a relaxation spa XD

Purelogy's creation has a heritage of environmental consciousness and it is solely using only green botanicals and 100% vegan formulas. The birth of Purelogy has made this product a pioneer in sustainability among L’Oréal brands

So do your part today in conserving mother nature, especially water :-)
Purelogy range are available in most hair salons and with every purchase you are contributing one euro to the GCI foundation.
One euro might seem like a small number but it goes a long way~

To learn more about Green Cross International or to donate to the Smart Water for Green Schools program, feel free to visit them on their website : www.gcint.org/pureology

For more information about Purelogy : www.pureology.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Pureology


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