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Purplelicious Passion Online Shop Feedback

This is my first time shopping with Purplelicious Passion Online Shop  because they had a BUY 1 FREE 1 Promo going on last month for all their lenses.
Normally priced at RM40 a pair this promotion is definitely a real steal! :-D Got 2 pairs for only RM20 each *weeee~~*

FYNALE 148 Choco Brown 

It arrived at my mom's place last week and only picked them up during the weekend as my college schedule is getting more hectic every week :-(
Sorry for the late feedback Purplelicious >_<

I was really surprised with their awesome service as I emailed them one day before their promotion ended >.<
For normal online shops that I have encountered really hated last minute buyers as they have the tendency to back out. So I sincerely apologized on that part for my mistake *bows*

But instead of turning me down the seller happily replied my email :-)
But the saddest part was the lens i wanted the degree was out of stock, so i decided not to purchase until the next promotion because what is the point of buying lenses that is not at the correct degree? Lol
The owner of Purplelicious was nice enough to offer me the same promotion price if I'm willing to wait for the new stocks!

She also patiently waited another 2 days extra for me to make my payment because i was so busy that every time i wanted to transfer it's 12am =_= that is when usually Maybank2u does their website maintenance. Bugger. 
The seller really got my respect with her patience *salute*

I was actually expecting a small poslaju parcel since there is only 2 pair of lenses, never expect a huge box to greet me lol!

Ohai :D

The lenses arrived safely and fast too, can't wait to try them on and test out their comfort level :-)
Hope they are better alternatives compared to my Geo Medical lenses that i usually ship from Korea. I've being using that brand since they were first introduced in Malaysia as colored cosplay lenses back in 2008, the comfort level is like 10/10!  (Hint: Geo lenses review on my next blogpost, stay tuned ladies!) :-D

Waste of packaging space, but the box was recycled for other uses don't worry :-P
Save Earth ♥

Thank you so much Purplelicious! 

Do check out their Facebook page for the latest updates & promotion: https://www.facebook.com/PurpleliciousPassionOnlineShop?fref=ts



  1. good customer service ya! haha

    1. Yea :) Pretty amaze by their service so must share XD

  2. Hey good. I have never tried this before and after reviews will do for sure. I generally go for pennywise.biz.


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