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Kinohimitsu Beauty & The Bliss Worskshop

Thank you The Butterfly Project for giving us beauty bloggers here in Malaysia an opportunity to  explore more of the beauty field :-)
This time instead of the usual skincare and cosmetics I always talk about, I'm going to share with you girls about healthy skin. Hah! Ironically it's coming from the last person you wanna hear about maintaining a good skin with the heavy makeup i frequently put on XD

Blueberries is their key ingredient, no wonder it taste so good! 
Actually upon arriving at the seminar at the registration counter they had a little quiz session for us bloggers. We were told to test out 2 different types of collagen drinks (labeled "A" and "B") and after drinking it they told us to vote which one we personally prefered best. Yet they didn't tell us which brand was which until the end of the seminar. Apparently all of us unknowingly voted for Kinohimitsu XD

As they all say beauty comes from within, what is shown outside is what we consumed inside and I admit I'm pretty much a noobie when it comes to taking care of myself. Yes, I suck. The End.
I first heard the existence of collagen drinks about 3 years ago during my time with Cyber Colors Glamour Girl search 2011 thanks to my roommate Cathryn. 
The secret to her flawless awesome skin was consuming collagen drinks weekly, and I always thought those drinks were meant for older people who just want to escape the wrinkles XD 

Look at all the different kind of drinks produced by Kinohimitsu OAO!! I always thought they only had 1-2 kinds of drinks (the one we usually see in pharmacies or beauty stores) Never expected for them to produce a huge variety of collagen drinks targeted for different beauty uses. No wonder they are the number 1 Functional drink in Malaysia and Singapore~ 

When we bloggers arrived at the event hall that morning each of our tables were served with blueberries which some of us gladly helped ourselves because we were hungry (it's so sweet and yummy!♥) and the funny thing was we didn't know what was the main purpose of them serving us that fruit XD

Our speaker of the day enlightening us on Collagen drinks as many of us in the room have heard of collagen drinks. I mean who doesn't? They are like hot selling stuff in the market these days next to weight loss drinks. But most of us consumers don't know how to choose the right one since there is so many brands out there. It was really useful and informative, at least I now know I also know the importance of consuming a collagen drink and their benefits (aside from just fighting wrinkles XD)

The secret ingredient of Kinohimitsu, Blueberries. Yesh, one of the most awesome fruits God has ever created, also known as the Super Fruit! Packed with so much of natural goodness that is practically worshipped in the beauty and health industry :-P
  1. Boost up your immune system and prevent infections. 
  2. Neutralizes free radicals which can affect disease and aging in the body.
  3. Aid in reducing Belly Fat
  4. Helps promote urinary tract health
  5. Been proved to preserve vision
  6. Brain Health
  7. Helps Heart Disease
  8. Keeps away Constipation & Digestion
  9. Prevent and cure cancer
  10. Keeps you fresh, active, fit, sharp, close to nature and in a good mood, as they are very good anti depressants. 

Kinohimitsu is number one most trusted collagen drink in the market because their products are certified 100% natural with no dded sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring, flavouring, chemicals and no hormones as tested by SGS.
They also believe in only using the best ingredients and most advance technology methods to produce  their product so that their consumers can enjoy all the health benefits in a small bottle without interrupting their daily life cycle.

Before purchasing any beauty/health drinks, it's best for us to know about the company's background, ingredients used in the product, basically do your homework first before consuming anything foreign :-P lol

All of Kinohimitsu's products have been tested and verified safe for consumption by expertise and they have set a certain level of quality standard for their brand to make sure all their products meet that standard before leaving the factory. For that they have achieved various compliances and accreditations including CE Mark, USA FDA certification for medical device and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal Certification and HAACP.

The decorations are so pretty! *w* Shiny stuff is always the first to catch my attention /kena smacks XD
Collagen Diamond is specifically designed for mature skin, so it restores back your youthful skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or dryness. Suitable for those aged 30 and above :-)

Woah..and I thought slimming centres for men was overrated lol! Kinohimitsu even have a collagen range specifically catered for men XD

The cleansing and detoxing range 

This one is specifically aimed for "Detoxing" which means expelling of unwanted, harmful leftover toxins in the body. I wonder how this will work for me since I'm constantly constipated (not ashamed to admit that -_-lll It's like a bloody curse to not have an active bowel) I bet my body is full of toxic waste  with all that shit stored inside my bowel. Lol. Not funny. I'm literally what you describe "Full Of Shit" haha. 

Thank you kinohimitsu! Can't wait to try out their detox drink XD Hopefully I'll see some effective results, will review it soon  

For more details about their products you can visit by their website or Facebook page :-)
Official Website : http://www.kinohimitsu.com/



  1. I heard they say the Detox drink very effective XD I've been on the BB drink for 2 years to control my skin haha

    1. How effective? O_O dont scare me le.. lol at least good to know it works la XD
      so your skin any improvement after drinking the BB drink?o.O

  2. Hello, Good sharing, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink is no ordinary collagen drink. It comes with 5,300mg of Collagen Peptide specially designed for mature skin to restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance. For detail review visit:


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