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Irresistibly Chocolatey Brown: Samsung Note 2

I've recently noticed something about myself after watching this cute video ad on Samsung Note 2's new Amber Brown.

Without realising all this while, my life has been heavily influenced by the color brown! That is how blur i am LOL 

Call me the Queen of Chocolates!

As you guys all know that I have a sweet tooth for desserts and sweets but more specifically for the ones that are drowned in rich chocolate. Nothing satisfies this CHOCOHOLIC more than a piece of fine rich bittersweet dark chocolate.

Yes, my blog followers are aware that I'm constantly spamming my blog with yummy Chocolate pictures ♥ Ohohoho~

I think those who follows me on my blog and instagram would describe me as an uptight and boring person who eats healthy everyday with such a boring "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Arisa doesn't know when to let loose and enjoy life by allowing herself to eat or do whatever she wants (that is what you guys usually assume =_=)
But hey, those who have met me real life would know I'm far from the word "BORING & DULL" :-P

I'm basically like a chocolate filling hiding inside a bun.. society judge us by how they look from the outside but not knowing the surprise it contains within that dull color coated goodness.

I'm full of surprises that is why being brown like a Chocolate Bun isn't a dull thing! ;-)

Another way to describe me is like  my favorite drink :
A cup of hot Mocha that warms and comfort a cold lonely soul on a rainy day:-)

And Chocolate history has dated waaaaaay back during the Ancient Mayan times, as cacao is known to be the "Food of the Gods". So the never assume the color brown as boring because in the end they still play a big role in humans daily life whether in a form of food or our surroundings.

Hence my conclusion.
Chocolate haters you are really missing out the fun:-P

So now since Samsung has just released the new limited edition Note 2 in Amber brown (in my opinion it closely resembles a bar of chocolate lol♥) I'm regretting even more for not waiting a few more months before getting my Note 2 *sobs*  

This phone color describes me best and I can feel it has my name written all over it ohoho~

Note 2 Brown is indeed made for those who are always labelled as "safe" but in fact this unique color holds more meaning than that:-) and only those who love this everlasting timeless color the way I do would understand why *winks* It's our lil secret *shhhh* :-P

Samsung Galaxy Note II is also available in other limited edition  colours: 

For more information, visit:


  1. Chocolate is the best medicine for everything. Luv luv them. It is just like heaven.

  2. weee chocolate the new colour to adore!

  3. aww!! now i'm so hungry because of the CHOCOLATE BROWN note 2! =P

  4. And now I feel for chocolate
    Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? GFC, Bloglovin, FB, etc. Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow


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