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Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Mask Review

The weather is really going crazy over the past few weeks, scorching hot during the day and super windy during the evening D: Somebody's laundry might just fly off the balcony one day at the rate this wind is going >.< Not complaining about it though, at least it cools the weather down abit after the whole day of super duper bright hot sunshine (I'm starting to think clouds are extinct already =.= rarely see them around lol wtf)
I like the feeling of something cold (bath especially) for such a hot weather but unfortunately I can't soak myself in the cool shower the whole day, my water bill might just explode lol, don't ask me to swim in the afternoon (=.=) "Aku Puteri Lilin" haha!
So I've found another alternative to enjoy the cooling sensation while doing my work at the same time 
:-D Multitasker FTW ♥
By storing my face masks in the fridge overnight before using, and using it during a hot weather is total bliss ♥ Takes your mind off the heat~

Ever since I've first tried TT Masks, I've never looked at facemask the same way again and I'm not saying this just because these masks were sponsored for reviewing purposes. I'm very direct and open when it comes to my reviews because you wouldn't want to be spreading false information especially since people is reading your blog as a research material lol.
You can read my previous TT Mask review HERE :-D
When I first read Isabel's review on the Bio Cellulose Mask, it really got my curiosity riding up the wall XD TT Mask Malaysia was generous enough to included one packet for me along with the Functionality masks to try, which unfortunately I had to delay the pampering session due to my busy schedule :-( 
I wish I had time to walk slowly instead of running all the time 

Psst.. let me share with you a secret (or fast way to lose weight): My secret of staying slim though I eat a normal healthy balanced diet yet I can't gain weight is because I have to constantly run to classes, after buses, & trains..last but not least chasing IDIOTS. =.=''
Okay, ran out off the topic again >.< back to the face mask /slaps self :-P

Clear instructions on how to apply the mask on properly

What does is the use of Bio Cellulose Mask? 
The function of  Bio Cellulose is actually to help the skin regenerate faster and better.

I couldn't help laughing when Isabel described this mask as "Chee Cheong Fun" in her blogpost, I mean how is it even possible for a mask to have a similar texture like that rolled fat noodle? XD
My past experience on using face masks (just not frequently) it's usually a thin piece of cotton that tears kind of easily because it's soaking wet. After that it leaves your skin feeling all ICKY & STICKY instead of "refreshing". Hate that feeling, another reason why I initially wasn't a fan of face masks lol.

Upon opening it, I finally understood why Isabel labeled it as "Chee Cheong Fun"XD
First time coming across a translucent jelly like mask, really unusual compared to all the other face masks out there.
The mask is sandwiched between thin cotton net layers so application is much more easier.

Yep, this dish, used to love it very much XD I haven't had any good ones in years! Thanks to the expensive market price D:  The price of one fish ball cost like 60 cents? WTF =_=

Just a slight warning for first time users, don't rush while putting on this mask because of the "jelly" like material. It tends to wrinkle and fold faster which makes adjusting abit difficult, take off one side of the netting first not both at the same time.

The mask covers my face perfectly and it sticks on without falling off thanks to the gelatinous like material :-D 
Me likey masks that can hang on to my face while i do my work.

Comes  complete with the eye cover as well XD 

As usual, best part of TT Masks is that every masks comes with generous extra serum (make sure not to waste it dearies!) Empty out the remaining serum from the packet on your palm and lather it all over your neck/collarbone area, trust me :-P You'll thank me for that advice haha.

Yes..Let your eyes burn with all my unglam photos!! Bwahaha! :-P

My genuine opinion about this mask is it's best used chilled because of it's unique texture it absorbs the cold faster and stores the coolness longer compared to the normal cotton masks. Don't believe me? Get one and try today :-D

You can directly purchase from their official website : TT Mask Malaysia or at MaskSlim Outlets. The mask is reasonably priced at RM20/pc.

Remember to "LIKE' their Official Facebook page to be notified first hand on their upcoming sales and promotions : http://www.facebook.com/ttmaskMalaysia

FYI : Though this mask was sponsored for review purposes but that doesn't affect my honest opinion.



  1. LOL this post makes me hungry.... sigh now everything so expensive. Used to had really good and cheap chee cheong fun back then :(

    1. Yea, stopped eating Chee cheong fun for like nearly 3 years dy :( because 2-3 fishball and one roll of mee alrd cost RM3++ @_@ Which is kind of insane for such a small portion.

  2. so expensive la this chee cheong fun!! no prawn somemore only got essence..LOL


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