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Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand & Foot Mask Review [You Have Been Warned]


The current hype in the beauty world seems to be Face masks and beauty drinks! I wasn't a huge fan of face mask or skin care products (yep, I'm lazy) 2 years ago, and this year I've been putting on makeup on a more regular  basis because of events compared when I first started blogging. I'm starting to see the reason why girls need a full skincare set :-P

Koreans are pretty intense when it comes to matters of the skin, no wonder they always look so fair and flawless.  Just recently Holika Holika Malaysia has a newly launched product in their stores, Baby Silky Hand & Foot mask but never got around trying them after my first expensive foot mask from Actizen lol I won't deny it's effectiveness in shedding dead skin but didn't work as how i imagined it to be.

But this hand & foot mask is waaaay different from those skin shedding foot mask that is available outside today :-) 
I was kinda surprised at how it work as well since this is my first time. One thing I like about this product is, it saves you the trouble of cleaning up shedded dead skin. Seriously.

I'll start with the foot mask review first, I'm always ever eager to try out all this skin stuff if it has to do with hands or feet because I think I'm the only one in the beauty blogging world with such ugly badly cracked heels :-(

You guys would be wondering : Irony of Arisa being a "beauty blogger" when doesn't know how to even care for her own skin.
Won't blame you guys for judging me :-P But my dry skin has nothing to do with my eating habits (nor malnutrition) it's a skin problem that I've inherited from my mom. If you have seen my mom's cracked heels the condition is like x100000000 worst compared to mine and hers is constantly bleeding :-( Makes me very sad to see my mom's feet like that and we have tried applying all those cracked heel creams every night for so many years yet it doesn't seem to be working (makes the floor harder to clean too =.= cuz of the lotion like texture)

The packaging color so cute! <-- Sucker for pastels ♥

Detailed instructions on how to use can be found the back of the package, it's in Korean but there are translated english instructions below the Korean one.

It looks like every other foot mask but the serum is safely sealed in inside the plastic sheet so you don't have to worry about it leaking when you open the package.

Dotted lines as a guideline to tear the foot mask into half

The feeling can be abit uncomfortable and squishy when you walk, but at least the design doesn't restrict you from your daily task :-)
Just let your feet soak in the serum for about 15-20 mins before removing. 

Before (top) and After (lower)
After the foot pampering session, here at the results! The difference isn't big, but you can notice the cracks on my heel isn't so dry compared to the photo of before. My feet feels more softer and moisturized, this is with just one short 20 mins session :-) I think if with continuous usage my feet will be silky smooth like a baby's bottom XD

Moving on to the hand mask. Phew..So many type of masks, i heard there is even such thing as "breast mask" hahah!
Both hand & feet mask contains lots of fruits ingredients with natural moisturizing properties like shea butter, avocado and olives. Those fruits produce natural oils that are usually found in moisturizing beauty products like shampoo, lotions and cosmetics. 

Same thing as the foot mask.

Tear the gloves along the dotted lines and put them on like you are wearing gloves :-D 

You don't have to worry about it interfering with your daily routine, i can still do my assignments on my laptop without a problem. Just don't handle food during this whole pampering session lol. Upon removal let the remaining serum slowly absorb into your skin, your hands will feel super smooth once the rest of the serum has dried up.

The whitening effect for the hand mask is very visible(-O_O-!) Never expected my skin to glow after 20 mins! 

I don't usually remember my birthday but this year my family is constantly reminding me to come home and celebrate it this weekend. I'm not kidding when i said i don't usually keep track of my own birthday because i never bother to celebrate it or throw a party, I mean like what's the point? I'm just getting a year older every year lol. The only time I'll realise it's my birthday when my Facebook wall gets spammed by tons of wishes and the message tone on my phone keeps on ringing.

So since it's my birthday month, I'll be doing a few giveaways and this would be one of the first :-) Have to thank Holika Holika Malaysia for being so ever generous!

Finally a photo of myself after a whole post of my ugly dried skin parts lol, wasn't initially planning to make this expression but my S4's camera managed to catch it quite nicely *perasan* XD
This photo is like a compensation for all the nightmare pictures above, please don't hate me if you can't sleep tonight ya~

Now who wants to try Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand & Foot Mask set?♥
I'm giving away one set now

The giveaway is much more simple now thanks the Rafflecopter app!
Make sure to collect full points to stand a higher chance in winning the giveaway *winks*

Terms and Conditions:

1. This giveaway is open to those currently residing here in Malaysia only.
2. For each sharing you earn an entry point. The more entry point completed, the higher the chances of being picked by the app during the lucky draw. However the max points you can earn is only 35 points (28 for completing the mandatory tasks, 2 for bonus entry points).
Incomplete tasks will be disqualified.
4. There will be only one (1) Winner only.
5. Results will be announce after 21st June 2013, winners will be notified via email.
6. ArisaChow.com has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway subjected to availability of prizes and how the prize will be given/received.



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  13. there are good bacteria in the body but the antibiotics kill the good and bad so fungus takes over 


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