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HGC by V-Gen [ Review 1 ]

I'm one of the bloggers that was introduced to HGC & Co-placenta by V-gen. A new anti-ageing formula that is designed specially for Asian Skin.

After attending the private group session with V-Gen and getting to know more about this product, I really couldn't wait to try them out. And trust me, it takes a lot of effort to convince a consumer like me who is super duper particular and sceptical about all these claimed beauty drinks that is sold widely in the market.
I'm vain but not a fan of feeding my body with all the unnecessary chemicals, another reason why I hate being on medication but ironically I've been on meds almost my entire life (up till today =_= Any improvement? No! One problem lead to another. Bugger)

You can call me a believer of “Au Naturel” because it’s cheaper and less things to remember every morning lol. I’m no cheapskate but logically as a student, I won't be able to afford that kind of high maintenance lifestyle.
But as a beauty blogger, I need to start taking care of myself more properly and I can't always rely on makeup to hide my flaws (skins needs to breathe yo!)

The photo on the Left was taken before I started taking HGC, the photo on the RIGHT is taken after 2 weeks into the HGC program. Visible results can be seen, lesser eye bags and my stubborn acne scars heal much faster too! It usually takes about 1 month+ for my scars to fade :-(

I always envy people that are blessed with good skin condition where they have no acne problems or whatsoever. Face is smooth and flawless like a baby’s bottom *jelly* like mama-san, Tammy =3=
To be honest, the reason why I'm rarely seen without make up is because I'm always ashamed off my haggard skin condition due to my health problems and hectic lifestyle :-(

Hence for a 20 year old my skin looks waaaaaaaaaaaay older than it's suppose to be *sobs* + acne scars to make the situation worst.

Most of you would be wondering what does HGC stand for? It's basically the short form of these common components used in Anti-Aging products : "Hyaluronic Acid. Glutathione. Vitamin C". Considered quite a new product in the beauty market, in fact they are the first and only anti aging Collagen Sachet Drink in the Market!

Original formula from Japan and all their ingredients are fully imported, but it's locally packaged.

Each box contains 30 sachets which you are recommended to consume daily every night before bedtime for full effects.  It's like a small packet of sugar which you can directly consume it on it's on, the taste reminds me to super sweet mix berries.

Convenient small sachets that is easy to carry anywhere and anytime

So far I'm seeing some small results after 2 weeks, hopefully it will completely fade by end of the month :-)
Look out for my next blogpost end of this month!

HGC is available in most independent pharmacies around Klang Valley or you can directly purchase it from their e-shop : http://on.fb.me/WPaxjw

Feel  free to visit their official website to learn more about HGC  :


  1. this is an interesting product. i will keep it in my mind. thanks =)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Chiko! :)
      Look out for my 2nd blogpost regarding my experience at end of this month^^


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