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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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GlassesOnline.com.my X Geo Mimi Brown Review

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Everyone practically knows I've been a faithful user of Geo Medical brand since they were first , right introduced in Malaysia back in 2008 as one of the earliest cosplay lenses. Yea, during those days enlarging effects were only 14.2mm -14.5mm max and there were no such thing as 16mm lenses XD
The colors such as Geo Angel series were considered one of the most "obvious" colored lenses but right now if you say that everyone would just roll on the floor and laugh because we all know there are these new series of lenses called "TWILIGHT" and the colors are super duper sharp that you can see them from a mile away (not exaggerating)

HINT: Don't stop here, a lil reward awaits you at the bottom of this post! So keep reading ;-)

Then again, all these cosmetic contact lenses first originate from Korea but slowly due to the intensive sale demands prices on e-shops are starting to drop tremendously just to compete with each other. And god knows where all these lenses come from because the sellers in pasar malam are able to sell them at RM10 per pair, they could be rejected stock from China for all we know >.<

Other authentic websites won't stand a chance with these people that is why www.glassesonline.com.my is here to meet your needs! Malaysia's first online retailer for prescription GlassesSunglasses and Contact Lenses! They carry 100% original and authentic brands such as Ray BanGiorgio Armani, Prada and many more. Best part about their service is they offer FREE postage for whole of Malaysia to ensure prices are kept low for buyers! :-)

If you have any doubts about their Geo Medical lenses feel free to verify your code here: http://www.fw1860.com/en/
I checked mine earlier, so as you can see Glasses Online sells 100% authentic Korean lenses.

I was kinda surprised they actually carry in Geo Medical brand ready stock as well! It's seriously hard to find shops that carries this brand ready stock due to it's low demand in Malaysia because the colors are not that obvious compared to those brightly colored lenses sold online. But I can't deny their comfort level for daily usage though, that is the only reason why I've been a faithful user of GeoMedical Lenses since 2008 (saves me alot of money too :-P)

The lenses are sold by pairs so if you have different degree on both eyes you might need to purchase 2 pairs altogther, don't worry it's still cheaper than those monthly lenses you buy from optical shops lol.
Arrived in a bubble wrapped package  *thumbs up* and fast courier service too!

The lenses I'm gonna review today is one of Geo Medical's latest designs that I've being dying to try since it was first launch~ The Mimi Cafe Series ♥
The lenses under this category are designed and named according to coffee art (‘∀’●)♡

Color : Circle Brown (WMM-600)
Diameter : 15mm (enlarging effect)
Water Content : 38%

The design is so prewttyyy (*w*)

Not much difference from the usual 1 Tone lens (BC-102) that i usually order from Geo Medical, the only visible difference is Mimi series diameter is 15mm and the old 1 tone lens is 14.2mm.

The color looks super duper natural, blends in very well with my real iris color and most of the time people can't tell the difference whether I'm wearing contact lenses or not :-P The enlarging effect is a dead giveaway though because many of you know my eyes are naturally small.

My daily look, i can wear these lenses up to 8 hours or more without any discomfort that is how comfortable Geo Medical lenses are! If you are looking for a daily natural looking lens that gives you a slight enlarging effect I would recommend these *winks* ;-)

To make your eyes appear more bigger just lined them with eyeliner! I'm using Nachu Denka Eyeliner (Navy Blue) and Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelush Curler Mascara

Thank you for reading my long draggy post, i guess it's a habit for me to make my post quite long >.< Sorry! Now time for a little reward session as a compensation (not bribery lol :-P) ehehe~ 

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Official website : http://www.glassesonline.com.my
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  1. thanks for the discount,Arisa =)

  2. thanks for the discount,Arisa =)

    1. most welcome! do share with your friends as well, this discount is valid till end of the year!

  3. It says that the gift code does not seem to exist :(


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