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June Babies (getting old)

It's the time of the year again where our biological clock just continues ticking (>_<)
Surprisingly this year I didn't forget to celebrate my birthday because my family were constantly reminding me to come home to celebrate lol and in my household we make life simple by celebrating all in one shot. My bro is a late May baby while My Mom, 3rd sis and I are June babies XD 
So it's usually 1 cake for 4 of us (●´∀`●)
And i feel rather cursed because my birthday always falls on a weekday as far as I can remember while my bro, sis and mom's birthdays are always during the mid year school holidays (no fair!)

Family feast, I realised as we get older we tend to get lazier when it comes to cooking so "tapao" became a more easier solution and less washing too XD

My family (especially dad & grandmother) is constantly complaining that i barely eat that explains my skinny frame but my guilty confession is I have a very bad binging habit that developed because of my previous athlete metabolism and stress factors. So I'm trying to control that, not starve myself :-/

But nonethelss it's a good start for me to take control of my life by eating healthy and working out with my current condition. Not forgetting the extra love my grandmother constantly showers me with her awesome homemade cheesecakes! Seriously, I was a pastry/dessert lover before this and I've tried like so many types of cheesecakes but not once I've come acrossed any cheesecake that is up to par with my grandmother's! I'm not exaggerating okay!

She makes the best beef stew, Karipuffs and cheesecakes *loves* thinking about them just makes me crave for them right now.Damn (=3=) ♥
The scary part is everytime I see her she says" if you live with me, I'm gonna fatten you up" O_O with a  laugh. An evil laugh o(╥﹏╥)o

Well grandma got her wish, I nearly had a whole Chicken to myself because I was so frigging hungry. At least the "rare" sight of me eating is enough to make her smile, being bloated as hell was worth it (see? overeating control problem >.<). At my family home it's normal to have dinner past 8pm, while living on my own I made it a habit to eat early so I have room for dessert and midnight snacking :-P 

Apparently my younger sis and mom picked this Yogurt Cheesecake Mille Crepe cake from Nadeje, PJ after trying out the place once. They say the cake was good and i was really looking forward to trying after seeing the entire hype about "how awesome Nadeje Mille Crepe cake tastes till people travel all the way down to Melaka just to eat it" =_= Wtf? Seriously? For a slice of cake you would do that?
But after having this cake the cheese cream apparently disagreed with my stomach, made me super nauseous and I puked abit after that..Ugh made me feel so "jelat".  
See? This is the reason why I LOATHE mainstream stuff, things everyone likes always ends up being my least favourite. Ew.

I knew we should have just ordered homemade cheesecake from my grandmother instead, that taste like 1000000000000x better than Nadeje!

Well presentation wise I give it a thumbs up la, but taste a definite "NO" and coming from a cheese lover like me that is rather harsh =_= Like I care just because you are "The Famous Nadeje" lol.

4 of us 1 cake! Lol. Don't I look just like my mom? :-D

No more Nadeje for me and if anyone dares to speak about that mille crepe cake in front of me, siapla kau! =_= Tummy was so upset till the next morning, that was how bad!
Not to mention super duper expensive, i think the cake was like RM90 +?
Well, I can't stop anyone from trying them since different people have different kind of tastenbuds lol If you are dying to try them out here is their official Facebook

Nadeje Cake House: https://www.facebook.com/nadejefans?fref=ts

It's a must at least try ONCE.

The End :-D



  1. I had an equally bad experience at nadeje. Everyone raved about it. 2 years back, it did not impress me in Malacca. 6 months ago, the hubby visited Malacca and said it was just as bad.

    Some argue that the one in PJ is good. So we headed in there since my preggy pal had cravings. Heck even the preggy girl freaked out. It was more cream than anything else. Cut the cake and it just drops into a lump of ugly looking cream. An ultimate sacrilege to mille crepe! No more Nadeje as far as we're concerned.

    1. Amen to that! Thank God I wasn't the only one who think this cake was horrible :-/

  2. wow tummy upset sumore?! lol
    well. different ppl got different tastebud, and also different tummy. =p

    anyway get well soon! =D

    1. still it's just too creamy to be called mille crepe :-/


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